The WCMPL has reached Week 8 , in Season 1 of our Madden 19 year. Competition has been at an all time high. There are only 3 players remaining with flawless records.  Thunder Stixx , CJack, and Wes Johnson all enter week 8 hoping to remain unbeaten. Check out the League Rankings below.

Rank Team User Record News  Previous Rank
 1. Bengals Wes Johnson  7-0 Move on and off the field displays his urgency to win now. Light years ahead of the pack 1
2. Redskins Thunder Stixx 6-0 Leading the Dominant NFC East. How long will this win streak last is the question. 3
 3. Seahawks  CJack102 6-0 CJack Seems to have a firm grip on the NFC West. Remaining the only unbeaten at the halfway mark of the season. 5
 4. Eagles Va Assassin 6-1 Could very well may have been an unbeaten . Expect Assassin to be out for blood in the up coming weeks. 2
 5. Ravens Va Dimes  6-1 Va Dimes has found his way back into the top 5. After a poor performance versus #1 ranked Wes Johnson he has rallied back to prove it was a fluke. 11
 6. Jaguars I Luv Strugglin 6-1 The Jaguars are off to an impressive start. Strugglin has add pieces to an already dominant defense which make him a tough opponent every game. 9
 7. Chargers XX Dre Knows XX 6-1 The Chargers have been pretty dominant. A Lock for the AFC West. 4
 8. 49ers  Farriot  5-2 Farriot is in 2nd place in the NFC West. Let him tell it’s no big deal but he has been consistent. 16
 9. Falcons MF Golfer 5-2 A huge win over Bgard’s Giants last week keep the falcons ahead in the NFC South. 6
 10. Giants Bgard21 5-2 B Gard round’s off the top 10.  After a devastating loss to MF Golfer in week 7 he was pretty fired up.He put the league on notice stating the gloves were off in the Madden Underground Forums. This week the Giants take on the Undefeated Redskins, What better time to unleash this new found rage. 8
 11. Browns S K U N K  5-2 Not your typical Browns. Skunk has been in his bag as of late holding his own in one of the leagues toughest divisions. 15
 12. Packers A Dam Fool 1 4-2 The Packers are living their best life. In a division that doesn’t seem to have any real contenders. Packers are on Auto Pilot until the playoffs start.  7
 13. Dolphins Squeaky    D marc  4-3 Dolphins are maintaining. 13
 14. Broncos Dr M3ss 4-3 Dr Mess is a mad man. There is no one in the league hungrier to play. Currently in 2nd place in the AFC West. 31
 15. Bills  Silkcb21 3-4 Down but not out only one game behind the Dolphins a win the week could be huge. 19
 16. Texans Spaztic roost3r 3-4 Still in the hunt for the playoffs. Texans have to show up and show out from here on out . `18
 17. Rams Bronco 3-4 The Rams are struggling at the moment. Things should turn around soon. 14
 18. Patriots TLew  3-4 Patriots have turned things around in a couple games tied for second place in the AFC East must win game this week versus the Bills. 26
 19 Bucs Lec05010  2-4 The Bucs are a few pieces away could really use some Fitz Magic in the upcoming weeks. 25
 20. Steelers Mccain Train 21 2-4 Falling behind in fast pace division. 10
 21. Lions Pac4ever  2-4 Has a lot to gain. 27
 22. Titans Team Brian James 2-5 Hell Schedule Early hopefully Titans can turn things around. Much need bye week. 12
 23. Cowboys Shock  2-5 Trying to get the hang of this Franchise thing. 17
 24. Cardinals Biggatron 2-5 Not completely out. 23
 25 Vikings Xraven2288x  2-5 The Vikings are a great team. Why are they 2-5 ? 20
 26. Raiders Lil Zave 1-5 Still recovering from the loss of Mack. 24
 27. Saints Tsim 1-5 No what Fan’s expected from the Saints. 21
 28. Panthers Dangerous2016   1-5 Traded away all valuable pieces clearly tanking. Expected more out of Dangerous clearly an act of desperation. 22
 29. Chiefs Lethal Jimmy 13 1-6 The Chiefs have given up over 240 points in 7 games at some point in time defense has to be played by the chiefs. 29
 30 Jets  Phillyguy 1-6 The Jets are another team that appears to be depositing L’s in the tank bank. 32
 31. Colts DISTUR8ED  KILLER 1-6 The Colts recorded their first win of the season in week 7. Should be able to build on that . 28
 32. Bears Thizzney


0-6 The Addition of Mack hasn’t helped the bill in the least bit. Currently labled as a dumpster fire by league members. 30


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