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August 10


Play Now LIVE With the new Play Now LIVE feature in Madden NFL 18, you’ll be able to play along with the real-life NFL season and playoffs like never before. Jump into the stories as they are happening around the league, with Play Now LIVE matchups posted each week with up-to-date stats, rosters, and commentary […]

August 08

Dubby: Breaks Down The MUT Champions Weekend League

2017 Madden Bowl Champion Dubby dropped a Vlog today, breaking down the importance of the Mut Champions Madden 18 Rewards and Weekend League.  Dubby also went on to say EA has a lot of great things planned this year but he couldn’t go into detail. Check out Dubby’s Vlog below, follow him on Twitter @dubdotdubby  , […]

August 08


Madden NFL 18 delivers a lot of fresh features and tweaks. That’s no different with Madden Ultimate Team. To start, let’s go over the format of MUT Champions. Your goal each week will be to qualify for the Weekend League. You can qualify to do that in a couple of different ways. The first is […]

August 04

Madden Underground Premier League Registration

Registration is now available for the The Madden Underground Premier Leagues. Below you will find a break down of each league to help you decide which may best fit you.  Upon filling out the Registration form at the bottom of the page you will be contacted by a site rep. Our goal is to make […]

July 28


  Ea focus was providing tools to the players so adjustments could be made easily, to counter opponents’ tendencies and increase variety in defensive play-calling and disguising. There was also a heavy emphasis on player and unit ratings. Below are some highlights of the OL/DL interaction feature set. ID the Mike One of the most […]

July 27


Madden NFL 18 delivers many new features. There’s Longshot, Game Styles, Coaching Adjustments, and Target Passing, to name a few. But along with all these features, Ea also wanted to improve the game on all fronts. With that, here’s a list of some of the Madden community’s most-requested tweaks, and how they were improved. Off-Ball […]

July 26

Madden Pro Feature : Bronco

Madden Underground would like to introduce you to Bronco, one of the featured Madden professional’s we will be tracking through out the course of the year. Bronco is  highly decorated ,a player who  has finished Final 8 or better at 9 of the 14  tournaments he’s traveled to throughout the years . Bronco also qualified for […]

July 22

MU 2017 Franchise League Elite

Madden Underground Premier Leagues are by far the most competitive Franchise Leagues around. Below are  the Madden 17 Champions and Runner up’s from Our Premier Leagues. League Player Team Season Cash Earnings Runner Up Runner Up Earnings MU Pro League Xbox Cover zero hero Chiefs Season 1 250 Vtech 100 Mu Sim League Xbox Cal […]

July 22


Madden NFL 18 brings a unique meta-game to the gridiron, with new WR/DB mechanics. Tailored for MUT Squads, but available for use in all game modes, the battle that happens between wide receivers and defensive backs will have a big impact on the passing game. Highlight Coverage The Highlight Coverage indicator is an on-field assignment […]

July 21

Madden NFL 18 Game Styles

MADDEN NFL 18 GAME STYLES . Madden 18 features three new game styles; Arcade, Simulation, and Competitive. Arcade is the high-octane version of Madden. This game style delivers a fast-paced, exciting style of play where high scores and spectacular catches are the norm and penalties are very limited. The user-controlled player is the “boss” and […]