April 26

Madden Underground: 2018 NFL Draft Party !

When : 4/26/18 Draft Starts : 5pm PDT /8pm ET Madden Underground would like to take time to invite the entire Madden Community to join us during the Draft. Our Facebook forum will be a war room to  Madden and Football fan’s during this years Draft. Feel  free to share the good, the bad, and […]

April 18

MU PS4 Pro League : Season 5 week 5 Power Rankings.

Brandon Miller has held onto the #1 spot for 3 straight seasons. The 3 time Super Bowl champ is showing no signs of letting up, with new additions to the league Season 5 appears to be panning out to be yet another classic. With plenty season left expect players to move up and down the […]

April 18

WCMPL Season 5 : Week 14 Power Rankings

 WCMPL  Season 5:  Week 14 Power Rankings Squeak and his Chargers  land the #1 spot make him Top Dog for the time being. In a League full of alpha’s this may be temporary. Bronco Moves up to the #2 spot making him the front runner in the NFC. Check out the rest of the power […]

March 26

WCMPL Season 5 : Week 4 Power Rankings

 WCMPL  Season 5:  Week 4 Power Rankings Wes Johnson Wes Johnson has secured the #1 spot for the time being. A few familiar faces have found themselves in new places. Check out the Rankings below. Rank Team User Record News  Previous Rank  1. Eagles Wes Johnson  3-0 Wes Johnson and the Eagles have been dominating.  […]

March 17

WCMPL 18 Season 5: Pre Season Power Rankings

Here are the Season 5 Pre Season Power Rankings in the WCMPL Pro League . Wes Johnson lands the #1 spot after defeating Va Dimes in the Super Bowl. Check out how the rest of the league ranks below. Rank Team User Record News  Previous Rank  1. Eagles Wes Johnson  0-0 Super Bowl Champs, One […]

February 25

Brandon Miller : MU PS4 Pro League Season 3 Champion

Back 2 Back …. The Madden Underground Pro League season 3 Superbowl  was LIT!! From the NFC we had  Eddie Cain’s 49ers (14-2), the dominating force steam rolled his way through the NFC. Seahawks owner Chris Postell said “I spent 72 hours watching game film” prior to the divisional round match up,but the final score […]

February 25

MU PS4 Pro League: Season 4 Preview

    Brandon Miller (Chiefs) – When you’re going for your 3 Super Bowl in the row no discussion necessary. Mahomes on the field and Chiefs are the favorite. Gary Hash 2 (Vikings) – 3 NFC Championships with 2 Super Bowl appearances, big focus on draft to rejuvenate the team. Eddie Cain Jr. (49ers) – […]

February 09


Gameplay Updates Added logic so that the Weak Box exploit manager does not trigger vs. AI-controlled opponents (penalty results in frequent pancake blocks by the offense) Addressed an issue causing QBs with the Gunslinger Ability to throw touch passes instead of bullet passes Addressed an issue that would occasionally prevent ball carriers from being tackled […]

February 07

WCMPL Season 3: Playoff Recap

Season 3 of the WCMPL has been nothing less than electric.   Match up Score Notes Squeaky D/Chargers vs  Lil Zave / Raiders 84-14 Squeak got off to a fast start and never let up. Zave posted photo’s of his revamped o line but they could not prevent an 84-14 flood.  ADam Fool1/ Panthers vs  […]

February 02

Pre Super Bowl Madden Tournament: Hosted by Ryan Hollins

–February 3rd!!! -Pre-SuperBowl Madden Tournament  Hosted by Ryan Hollins at PLAY LIVE NATION in the northridge mall  9301 Tampa Ave Northridge Ca 91324 -$60 buy -Registration/ check-in and dinner at 6pm -Tournament starts at 6:30pm -24 spots -Fully catered (included in registration fee) Over $600 in prizes -Top 8 win cash – prizes will be given to […]