September 20


Week 8 of Season 1 is upon the  Madden Underground Xbox Sim League. Only 1 team remains unbeaten. These Rankings will reflect the huge shift in power since we last reported . A few unexpected teams have found relevance, check out the Rankings below. Rank Team User Record News Previous Rank 1. Seahawks XX Dre […]

September 19

WCMPL 19 : Season 1- Week 8 Power Rankings

The WCMPL has reached Week 8 , in Season 1 of our Madden 19 year. Competition has been at an all time high. There are only 3 players remaining with flawless records.  Thunder Stixx , CJack, and Wes Johnson all enter week 8 hoping to remain unbeaten. Check out the League Rankings below. Rank Team […]

September 11

Madden Underground 19 Sim League: Season 1- Week 4 Power Rankings

We have arrived at Week 4, of Season 1 in our Madden Underground Xbox Sim League. This group is different from  years prior. These players take great pride in the competitive aspect of the game. When you think of Sim players you often think of a batch of cry babies who can’t play or need […]

September 10

September Madden NFL 19 Title Update

Key Highlight Gameplay Added Signature Celebration by Douglas Veney, the Touchdown Dance Challenge winner from EA Play Updated formula for defenders’ ability to play the ball in the air Followed new NFL Rules Point of Emphasis – Dives by the ball carrier will be considered as giving himself up on the play, and will be […]

September 10

WCMPL 19 : Season 1- Week 4 Power Rankings

The WCMPL has reached Week 4 , in Season 1 of our Madden 19 year. Competition has been at an all time high. There are only 5 players remaining with flawless records. Va Assassin, Andres Acosta, Thunder Stixx , CJack, and Wes Johnson.  It may be to early to tell but these names may be […]

August 21

Madden NFL 19 August Title Update

Here is a detailed breakdown of the newest update that is now live in Madden NFL 19. Key Highlights Gameplay New Hit Stick Formula Less defensive knockouts vs. possession catch Play Action pass blocking upgrade Franchise New off-ball injury banner shows team and player Change Log  General stability improvements Franchise Updates Added player name and […]

August 10

Madden Underground Searching for Streamers.

Madden Underground is currently searching for talent. If you are a talented streamer who feels you have what it takes to contribute to Madden Underground TV we want to hear from you. We understand that quality content often goes over looked in an age of analytics. We aren’t looking for the most popular streamer but […]

August 06

Madden Underground : Interview with BGard

This week we had a chance to sit down with Brian Gardner. Brian is a prominent member of the Madden community who has a bright future ahead of him. He opened up and broke down how the the game of Madden played a major role in getting him out of a dark place. This was […]

August 04


Get some of the greatest players in NFL history on your Madden Ultimate Team starting day one. And each of these Legend players highlights a specific game in their career. There are a few ways to earn these superstars. There are full versions of Legends roaming Ultimate Team packs for those lucky enough to find […]

August 04


  To ensure Madden is the best game possible, scheduled updates are deployed by the Madden Development Team to add features to the game after launch and to tune gam eplay based on community feedback. The launch updates focus on many of the issues that participants of the Closed Beta identified. Here is a detailed […]