V Tech one of the most solid players in the Madden Community gave a stellar performance in this months Madden Underground tournament.  V Tech came in as one of the favorites to win it all. Rumors were circulating that he stumbled on a defense that made him a legit threat, a rumor that was later proven to be fact.

V Tech met with  The Shiva Commissioner Jim Johnson a.k.a ” The Butcher” in his first tournament match up.  Jim Johnson was butchered in horror movie type fashion during a 45-0 V Tech Victory.  V Tech  advanced to the sweet 16 to face Arpan Shah of the Shiva League. Arpan Shah entered the sweet 16 hot after defeating T-sims of the WCMPL, and edging Adam Bell . Arpan Shah game plan to defeat V Tech was to continue to run clock from jump as he did in his previous games. V Tech fell behind to Shah early but managed to fight back and pull off a 41-26 victory.

The Elite 8 would hold a far greater task for V Tech. King Cole who dismantled Chad Dewberry 31-21. Dewberry  a player currently listed in the top 20 of the EA Ranked Match Leader Board. Cole later met and defeated Shikobe 31-21 putting him in perfect position to face off with Tech. V Tech locked in with King Cole and his Falcons, in what many believed would be one of the best games of the tournament, but V Tech would also box Cole defeating him 31-10.

V Tech entered the final 4 with an enormous amount of momentum and confidence. MRHitstick757  ran through his share of opponents as well . V Tech Later defeated MR Hitstick757  21-17 in a hell game. Merkstuh awaited V Tech in the Championship. Merkstuh shocked the world during his hot streak with the Bears, and finding his way to the Championship. V Tech stated he was familiar with the way Merkstuh played, and he should be able to get the win. V Tech and Merkstuh both got off to a slow offensive start but V Tech was able to  conjure up a 10-3 victory. Making V Tech the Madden Underground Xbox One Champion for the Month of April.

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