mut salary cap(written by  Sam Dobbs)

It’s April and Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) is just taking off. That’s right. Read that again. Just when you think EA is asleep, they drop a new game mode. Madden Ultimate Team Salary Cap mode is hours away from release and the Madden Community is on the edge of their seats in anticipation. Madden streamers and followers alike have been using sites to create a lineup that will fit the new game style. They are forced to make tough decisions about who to fit in their lineup. Instead of digging deeper into their bank accounts, they are digging deeper into their Madden brains. It’s about time and I personally cannot wait.

The rundown of MUT Salary Cap can be found below, but the short of it is this: each team manager has to choose 34 players total and their total value must be under the salary cap. Each MUT card has been assigned a new salary cap value – which is denoted on the player cards. The total of the players each manager chooses must be under the salary cap of 1000 points. There are tough decisions to be made and team managers are going to have a hard time deciding where to spend their precious cap. It’s unlike anything we have seen on a large scale online head-to-head mode and Madden Heads are beaming with anticipation. This will, without exaggeration, change the landscape of Madden as we know it.

Where will you fall when it’s all said and done? Do you have what it takes to create, develop and manage a team from the personnel down to the scheme? Tune in on Tuesday the 26th of April to find out.

Click Here For The Full EA MUT Salary Cap Run Down 

(written by Sam Dobbs follow @sportsjunky24)


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