MU Pro League Rules

League Settings
Coach Type: Created Coaches Only
Game Skill: All Madden/ Comp
Quarter Length: 6 minutes
Playbooks : Stock

Advance Schedule : 48 hour advance schedule

Communication Rules

Our league communicates exclusively through Face book .Both Parties are responsible for scheduling with in the first 24 hours of each advance.

Owners who miss a scheduled start time may receive a force loss at the discretion of the Commissioners. We understand that life events do happen and will do our best to mediate when issues arise.

Games that have not started within 60 minutes of advance will be simulated.

The limit for sims in a season is 3. Once you reach  3 sims you will be immediately replaced. Our Goal is to assure our members they will get the most competitive franchise experience so free wins will not be tolerated.

Note: If both parties agree to simulate the game due to scheduling or other conflicts, the game will not be applied towards a player’s sim count. Missing games to participate in live events is also excusable, we encourage our league members to represent our league and themselves in all facets of competitive Madden game play.

Disconnection Rules 

If a game disconnects by natural causes Commissioners are to be notified, and game is to be re played from where it left off. Scenario is to be agreed upon with commissioner’s involvement.

Any disputes will be decided by the Commissioners. In the event of a dispute, please contact a Commissioner as soon as possible

Guys who disconnect games in the hope of getting them re-played are BUMS and are not allowed in our league. Purposely quitting games will result in immediate removal. 

Streaming : The Away team is always responsible for streaming games.  (Make sure you have a functional twitch Account.) Failure to stream will result in loss of Development trait. 

Team/Player Management 

Development: All teams will be capped at 3 offensive and 3 defensive players with a superstar or x factor development per season. (Total of 6, 3 on each side of the ball) 

Teams who have more than the minimum of 3 superstar / x factor players on offense and defense, will be required to decide which 3 superstar/ x factor players will retain said development for the season on each side of the ball. All other superstar/ x factor players will be assigned normal development.

 League owners that do not have a minimum of 3 superstar/ x factor players on offense & defense, will be able to select players to meet the 3 and 3 requirements for superstar development trait players they will use for a season.

Progression: Any player that progresses from a normal development to a star development and then to a superstar development during the season, will be reverted to a star development. Any player that progresses from a superstar development to an x factor development during the season, will be allowed to stay at x factor development.

Offseason: During each off-season, and before week 1 of the regular season, League owners will be able to determine which 3 superstar/ x factor players they want to keep or change for offense and defense. All other players will be reverted to the normal development trait.

Releasing Players: If you release a player, he cannot be signed back to your team for 2 advances (Unless it is during the off-season free agent bidding period when all 32 owners have a chance to bid)


X factor players for x factor players

Superstar players for Super star players

Players with out abilities and draft picks for players with out abilities and draft picks.

Team owners may trade an offensive x factor player for a defensive x factor player, or an offensive superstar player for a defensive superstar player. Team owners MUST contact a League Official in writing to let them know which offensive/ defensive player will lose SS/XF Traits BEFORE the trade is executed. Trade reviews are only for maintaining 3 SS / XF Traits.


 -No Trading players away from and back to the same team in the same season

-Players who swap teams can’t trade with one another for an entire season.

 – All Trades will be monitored By League Officials. Trades done with malicious intent or that compromise the integrity of the league will be reversed. League owners have purchased a team for the entire year and must be managed in a way that allows competition without compromising league integrity.

Preseason & Free Agency: You may sign as many players as you can afford during the off-season free agency bidding period. You may sign free agents at-will during preseason and the regular season. The trade deadline will be week 8 just as it is in real life. We will not hold up an advance to allow a trade to go through so plan accordingly. Failure to comply with trade rules will result in immediate removal.

Legal Position Changes/ Substitutions






 O-line- can play any o-line position

 D-Line -Can play any D-line position and LB position

LB- can play all LB positions and DE positions (No DT)

 CB – Can play any Secondary Position

 Ss- Can play all Secondary Positions FS- Can play all Secondary Positions

 Editing players:  The changing of equipment, numbers and legal position changes is allowed. The changing of names is not allowed 

Superstar & X factor rerolling is strictly prohibited during the season. Will be allowed once during each offseason following season 1.

Additional information 
  • Secondary players can be placed in the SubLB Position on the Depth chart.
  • Offensive and Defensive Sub packages are allowed on the play selection screen.

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