No surprise here with the Top 5 Quarterbacks in Madden NFL 17. These players are vital to their teams success in helping to take their team all the way.

Here are the top-rated quarterbacks in Madden NFL 17.

 #1 Aaron Rodgers 96 Overall

Madden 17 Player Portrait-Aaron Rodgers

What can’t Aaron Rodgers do? With 78 speed, 98 throw power and 95 throw on the run, Rodgers can make any throw on the field. This two-time NFL MVP is the ideal quarterback because of his mobility, allowing you to run any style of offense. Make sure to use all of your different throw types to really take advantage of Rodgers pinpoint accuracy in Madden NFL 17.

 #2 Cam Newton 94 Overall

Madden 17 Player Portrait-Cam Newton

Newton has the size and speed to take over games with his legs. 86 speed at quarterback is a rare rating to have, so be sure to utilize his 90 agility, and 89 acceleration in the open field. Newton will be best throwing downfield with his 96 throw power and 87 throw accuracy-deep. Look to target vertical routes to your TE and WR to best utilize Newton’s skill set.

 #3 Tom Brady 94 Overall

Madden 17 Player Portrait-Tom Brady

Brady has been shredding NFL defenses for almost two decades and inMadden NFL 17 you can anticipate much more of the same. With 94 throw power and the best throw accuracy-short (98) in the game, you will be able to put the ball in places where only your receivers can catch it. Will the 2016 NFL season be another MVP caliber performance for this four-time Super Bowl Champion?

 #4 Big Ben 93 Overall

Madden 17 Player Portrait-Ben Roethlisberger

Big Ben brings toughness to the quarterback position with an 82 strength rating. He still has mobility left in his legs with 73 speed, which will be enough for him to evade defenders outside the pocket and with 95 throw power he still ranks among the best in the league.

 # 5 Russell Wilson 91 Overall

Madden 17 Player Portrait-Russell Wilson

Wilson is a smaller version of The #2 quarterback on this list, Cam Newton. With 85 speed he will force defenses to gameplan around his unique skill set, taking advantage of them with his passing abilities. 93 throw power, 93 throw accuracy-short, 91 throw accuracy-mid and 88 throw accuracy-deep, allows him to make every throw on the field.
One thought on “TOP 5 QB’s IN MADDEN NFL 17”
  1. So based on this, there’s going to finally be only one basis for ratings in Madden 17? In previous installments, when a QB had 72 Deep Accuracy in Ranked H2H or Franchise mode, it played equal to a QB having around 87 Deep Accuracy in Ultimate Team. So for example if you took Base Aaron Rodgers from Ultimate Team and used an exchange rate for his stats, his 90/91/89 would have been about 80/80/75. But they’d play the same. But according to this, QB’s are going to have 88+ acuracies, so does that mean an 88 in regular teams is going to be 88 in Ultimate Team? Because if not, then that’s WAY too high for both Cam Newton and Russel Wilson, by a lot.

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