Part 2 of our Madden NFL Live 4 part O1 Trap series, continues with on air pro and talent Maurice Jones-Drew of Madden NFL Live. Madden NFL Live now streams on and Twitch Friday at 12 Noon Est, and airs on NFL Network on Saturday at 12 Noon Est.

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We had a chance to catch up with NFL great Maurice Jones-Drew. MJD came over immediately following our interview with Scott Cole, after a few introductions and mentions of a few familiar ballers and up and coming ballers he knew that currently play in the Madden Community. MJD talked about his favorite teams, style of play, how he uses his NFL experience when playing Madden, the impact of Madden in the NFL community, and his limited edition MUT card.
Also Check out our interview with Scott Cole of Madden NFL Live and read about our full experience with the Madden NFL Live Crew.

Stay Tuned for more of our Weekly 01 Trap Series with Madden NFL Live

December 7th: Adam Rank

December 14th:  Dylan Milner


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