Madden Underground Xbox Hybrid League

Welcome to Madden Underground, where we’re dedicated to delivering an exceptional Franchise experience for the Madden community. We’re on the hunt for a passionate group of players who are eager to embrace the competitive spirit of the game. In our league, you can anticipate a weekly dose of unpredictability that will keep you on the edge of your seat, pushing the Franchise experience to its absolute limits. We invite all Madden enthusiasts to sign up below and patiently await our contact. This is not just your average recreational league; it’s a gateway to potential stardom, as players on the waitlist have the chance to step up and shine in our pro leagues. Join us and be a part of this thrilling hybrid league experience!

Console: Xbox Series X/ S

Cost of Entry : Free

Advance Schedule: Mon, Wed , Friday.

Team Selection : First Come First come first serve November 18th, 2023

Prize : Trophy

Sign up Below !!!


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