Ea Sports hopes  you’re not asleep Thursday Night filled with turkey and busting at the seams because Madden Ultimate Team is going to be busting open a few Black Friday Vault doors! What’s behind the doors you ask? A multitude of goodies ranging from packs to some players your going to WANT to add to your MUT Squad! Your KEY to these doors? Blitz tickets! If you cracked the Thanksgiving Bundle offered earlier this week you received one surprise Blitz Ticket in the topper. We are also offering a new pack; the Blitz Pack! The Blitz Pack will offer a Blitz Ticket in each pack and Bundle Toppers full of Blitz Tickets!

In addition Contracts in Ultimate Team will be 50% off for the Black Friday Weekend.


Starting Midnight Thanksgiving (BlackFriday morning) you’ll be able to see all the Black Friday Vault doors and the amount of tickets its takes to unlock each. Pick and choose which to use your Blitz Tickets on and some fantastic prizes could await you when they open and are revealed. Each door set is marked with appropriate time it will open. Doors will open all the way through Cyber Monday.

Leaf of Absence: Need more Blitz Tickets? Rake in two silver leaves for 3 Blitz Tickets in this repeatable set.


Three wildly popular and powerful players come to Madden Ultimate Team, but you’ll have to crack vault doors to get them. One, a hard hitting cornerback, another a high flying receiver, and the last was part of one of the most storied defenses of all time. Which will you claim if not all?

Why venture out into the Black Friday Mess when you can get door busting deals at home in Madden Ultimate Team?


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