Monthly Archives: February 2016

February 29

Positional Heroes are back !

Positional Heroes are back during MUTSeason. Sunday Ea rolled out two Position Heros that require a number of players from that position plus a Position Collectible to complete. Alshon Jeffery, WR – Bears Malcom Jenkins , FS – Eagles

February 27

Hutchinson & Randle New Madden NFL 16 Ultimate Team Legends

When Legends Become Ultimate With the start of MUTSeason, Madden Ultimate Team becomes a whole new ball game! Playmakers Become Legendary and Legends BECOME ULTIMATE!   There are a few different Ultimate Legends and a few different ways to earn them. There is also a new Ultimate Badge that will be needed for the Ultimate […]

February 25

New Mut Season Final Editions

With MUT Season come FINAL EDITIONS! Final Editions are players that may have not received a huge upgrade during the season, but flew under the radar and ended up with great years! Each Wednesday in MUTSeason will see new Final Editions added, including a FINAL EDITION HERO! Source Ea

February 24

Bam Defeats HollyWood in the Madden Underground 1 Championship Hosted by the DFL Legends

Congratulations to Bam on Winning the Madden Underground 1 Ps4 Tournament hosted by the DFL Legends. Bam dominated majority of his opponents on his road to glory. Defeating Anquantizes_Da_King85 63-14 showing right out the gate that he meant business. Bam went on to face Polo Shawty who he defeated 31-10 in the sweet 16. Kevin […]

February 23

Madden 16 Patch1.09 now available

Madden patch 1.09 is available now .The Madden team discussed the patch on a Twitch stream today, here are some highlights: A fix is in to prevent multiple nano-blitzes using the B-Gap. The RG will now always look inside to outside for blocking assignments. The ‘playcalling/pause’ freeze is fixed (where you lose input data and […]

February 23

MUT Positional Heroes

Positional Heroes are back during MUTSeason. Sunday’s  rolled out two Position Hero’s that require a number of players from that position plus a Position Collectible to complete. Chris Harris Jr. ,CB – Broncos Patrick DiMarco, FB – Falcons

February 23

Madden Underground 1 Championship Hosted by the DFL Legends

This is it ! The moment we all been waiting for . It comes down to 2 men competing for bragging rights, 100 dollars, and free entry into the Gamer Saloon 15k Community Championship in Las Vegas. Tonight Bam a.k.a x3chemin4x to those of you who followed the Madden Challenge via Twitch last month, will […]

February 22

Madden Ultimate Team All Rookie Team

Ea is building an All Rookie Team one Monday at a time in MUTSeason! THIS WEEKS PLAYERS  Add depth to your All Rookie Receiving Core and Line with Stefan Diggs and Ali Marpet. Help for your All Rookie Defense comes in the form of Redskins ROLB Preston Smith and D Lineman Rodney Gunter. Source : […]

February 19

DFL Legends host Madden Underground 1 ps4 monthly tourney

    Madden Underground and The DFL Legends have teamed up for Madden Underground 1. The first of a series of monthly Ps4 tournaments. 32 players from around the community will face off for a chance to win 100 dollars cash, and a Gamer Saloon Donated Free Entry into the  15k Madden Community Championship March 4th-5th […]

February 18

New Draft Champions Season 2 Update

  Last week we Ea announced  Season 1 of Draft Champions Ranked was coming to a close and detailed what the Season-ending rewards structure looked like.This week they took a deeper dive into what is changing with Season 2 because it’s much more than incrementing the Season number by a single digit! Placement Matches For […]