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June 27


We all have been nipping at the bit for a taste of Madden NFL 19 ratings. Check out who made Made this years 99 club. Tom Brady  Tom Brady is the greatest of all time. His numbers reflect just that. 96 Throw Power, 99 awareness and throw accuracy. Brady also has a 96 throw under […]

June 27

Madden Underground : Ps4 Pro League 19 Registration

Madden Underground PS4 Pro League : The Most Competitive Ps4  League around. Possesses some the most  competitive players in our community. Non Sim style game play ,more so geared to player looking to compete on the highest level. This year the goal is to provide the Madden Underground Pro League with a unique Franchise experience. Although we […]

June 16

Madden Underground Sim League 19 Registration.

Madden Underground Sim League Xbox : Sim Style prize League. Very Competitive looking for active guys who wish to have just a fun experience with the game of Madden in a simulation fashion. Entry: 30 Dollar entry (Cover you for 6 Seasons at 5 bucks a season) We are looking for consistent players who are […]

June 14

Madden NFL 19 Deep Dive: Franchise

  This Morning Ea’s -John White, Senior Designer released an update blog with the details of Madden NFL 19’s Franchise mode you can check it all out below.   Player Archetype Progression Madden NFL 19 introduces a new way to progress and classify your players in Franchise with the Archetype Progression system. Each position is now broken […]

June 12

Madden Returns to PC

Madden 19 is loaded with new features all designed to break fresh ground in player control. Advancements to Madden’s key modes and an increased focus on gameplay with Real Player Motion are just a few features set to provide players the best playing experience possible. These features all come out of the player first focus, […]

June 12

The Longshot Story Continues in Madden NFL 19

This is actually really awesome. My twelve year old son isn’t  much of a competitive player but took a huge liking to the Longshot aspect of the Madden NFL 18. Longshot delivers a rpg nuance Madden lacked before. Longshot also acclimates the more casual player with the controls and fundamentals of playing Madden. The Longshot […]

June 10

Madden Deep Dive: Gameplay and Real Player Motion

This year Madden NFL 19 was developed to put emphasis on : 1.      Player Control across the field 2.      Immersive NFL Experience from start to finish   Real Player Motion – Locomotion Player Locomotion, or Run Cycles, should have the biggest impact on Madden gameplay.  The Locomotion system has been rebuilt using technological innovations from […]