Monthly Archives: February 2017

February 27

Madden Underground Ps4 Pro League Power Rankings

  Here are the Power Rankings going into the Madden Underground Ps4 Pro League Season. Ranking will be updated every Monday morning, and will change as the season progresses. Last update 2/27/17. Rank Team User Record/Notes  1.  Ravens  Va Dimes 9-0 : There is only one way to the bowl and thats through Dime and […]

February 15

A Focused VA Assassin

  (photo credit to : Damien DeShaun  OF ) Chris “The Assassin” Goodman is becoming a force in the Madden Community. Currently dominating in the State of Virginia. Taking back to back Titles in his home state in tournaments hosted by Insane Gamers Battle Circuit and Live Ambitions. Assassin seems to more focused thane […]

February 14

Madden NFL 17 Title Update 10

Madden NFL 17 Title Update 10 Gameplay: · Removed the ability to flick the R-Stick to pump fake when the player is outside of the pocket. Right Stick will now always throw ball away in these situations. · Fixed a legacy issue where defensive linemen would be called for encroachment when offense was using no […]