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Va Dimes has taken the Madden Underground Community by storm,first winning the Madden Underground King of The Hill Tourney, a WCMPL Super Bowl Title, and now the Squad vs Squad tournament.  3 Madden Underground Events 3 victories.

With the best from 6 different Madden Leagues Competing for cash, 20 Madden Underground Ranking points and  a Commissioner plaque for the league who had the best showing. The WCMPL, DDMC,GXFL,NFL VS ME ,Grown Man League and the Gridiron Gladiators.


Va Dimes started the tournament Defeating Adrenalineman91 of the DDMC  35-17. Adrenalineman91 put up a tough fight, but Va Dimes eventually took control of the game and put him out of his misery .  Va Dimes moved on to face XM Flash of the NFL vs Me League.  XM Flash came into the game not knowing what to expect after defeating Dr.Mess of the DDMC 24-17.  Va  Dimes totally dominated XM Flash not allowing a single td and defeating him 28-6.


Va Dimes went on to face fellow WCMPL member SilkCb21. Prior to facing Va Dimes, Silk defeated L3e403n of Nfl vs Me and  Idc what you say of the DDMC by 10 points before facing Dimes. If any one had a chance at beating Dimes it would be Silk they share a division in the WCMPL, this game was was no different from any division game they participated in all year long.  Dimes squeaked by with a 30 to 24 victory.

After a solid Win in the Elite 8 over Silk. Dimes went on to Eliminate Atlfalcon of the GML 26-3. AtlFalcon threw a pick 6 and conceded at the start of the 3rd after  to avoid further embarrassment.  Placing Va Dime in the Finals of yet another Madden Underground event.

Va Dimes Met Cal bear also of the WCMPL in the Finals. The Two battled until the very end. Va Dimes Was Able to edge him 41-38 in the Finals. Making him  and the WCMPL Champions.

We at the Madden Underground would like to thank all the participants, and encourage the rest of the Madden Community to participate in future events.


















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