I landed in Vegas for the Gamersaloon.com Madden Community Championships on Thursday.  My smooth flight from LA to Vegas took approximately 38 min. Following my landing I instantly met up with Philly Guy  a colleague here at Madden Underground  and  old school MWS veteran. On our commute to the hotel that would soon become Madden Underground HQ we got in to a heated debate about the hot seat. For some of you online guys who may not know what the hot seat is, the hot seat is 3rd and long with your opponents screaming in your ear, yelling out  all the weaknesses in your game you hoped no one noticed. We wondered how some of the the new faces to the offline circuit would adapt.

We got word Too Tenacious one of the Ea Madden Challenge finalist had arrived early and would be stopping by. Upon on his arrival he mentioned this was his second or 3rd live tournament. We asked was he ready for the hot seat ?  he replied ” i think so “. So we decided to put him through our Madden Underground Hot Seat simulator. This activity consisted of Philly Guy playing as his opponent, and the rest of the the room supplying crowd noise to to better prepare Too Tenacious for what he would be up against. Too Tenacious ended up making it to the final 4 on xbox one and had a pretty solid showing on ps4. But check out his hot seat preparation below.

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