What’s up Madden fans?! Along with the latest update, players can now compete in Draft Champions Ranked.

Draft Champions Ranked is the new competitive way to play Draft Champions, where Madden players compete in events, climb the ranks, and win prizes.

How do I Play?

In order to compete in Draft Champions Ranked, you’ll need tickets. These tickets can be purchased with coins, and may be available through other sources such as solo challenges.

Players will need 3 tickets, which cost 9,000 coins total (3,000 coins per ticket), to enter a Draft Champions Ranked Event.

How many games will I play in each Draft Champions Ranked Event?

You will play until you either win 6 games or lose 2 games. Ranked Draft Champions is a head to head mode. This means you can lose 1 game and still win your Draft Champions Ranked event.

What Will I Win?

As you win more games within each event, you’ll earn increasingly better rewards in MUT. Here’s a full breakdown:

6 Wins: 1 Legends Pack, 15-Quicksell pack, 7 DC Badges

5 Wins: 1 All-Pro Pack, 10-Quicksell pack, 5 DC Badges

4 Wins: 1 Pro Pack, 7-Quicksell pack, 4 DC Badges

3 Wins: 1 Pro Pack, 5-Quicksell pack, 3 DC Badges

2 Wins: 1 Pro Pack, 1 Rookie Pack, 2 DC Badges

1 Wins: 1 Pro Pack, 1 Rookie Pack, DC Badge

0 Wins: 1 Pro Pack, 1 Rookie Pack

Quicksell packs increase in value as you progress, with the 5-Quicksell pack giving you at least 1,500 coins total.

How do I climb the ranks?

As you win events, climb the ladder and improve your ranking. Check out this infographic to learn more about Draft Champions Ranks:

So what are you waiting for? Test your skills to claim a spot on top of the Madden Community, and show the world why you’re the Draft Champion.

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