On Tuesday November 17,2015  EA released a huge patch that  Included improvements and fixes to game play, Connected Franchise, Madden Ultimate Team, and an all-new way to compete in the hottest new mode – Draft Champions Ranked.

Christmas came early for the Madden Community when Ea noted that they had added a new Xp slider to Connected Franchise Mode.  Let me start by applauding Ea for adding this new and much needed feature. Could it have come sooner yes but better late than never .This slider could play a huge role in helping lower rated teams reach maximum potential. The new Xp slider will also help players improve rookies coming in from the draft.

After messing with it a bit we realized that the most realistic rationing of the Xp, was to moving the sliders between 100 and 200 out of the possible 300 for each position. This allowed players to get more but not too much xp for achieving goals and milestones. Keep in mind player development and consistency traits play a huge role in determining how xp is distributed per player.

Check out the video share and let us know what you think is best.


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