Here are the Season 3 week 4 Power Rankings in the Madden Underground PS4 Pro League . Banner Hanger remains at the #1 spot check out who is on the rise and who is gradually falling.

Rank Team User Record News  Previous Rank
 1. Chiefs Banner Hanger  2-1 The Champ comes in at #1 B Miller is poised and set to fight for another championship.  A sim loss is the only reason his record isn’t perfect.  1
2. Vikings Va Dimes 3-0  Dimes is off to a hot start taking no prisoners early. The Vikings are the favorite in the North.  2
 3. Ravens Va Assassin 3-0 In 3 games Assassin has only allowed 13 points. The best defense in the League by far.  9
 4. 49ers Ky Jelly man 3-0 The 49ers have put up over 120 points in the 3 games. With the Seahawks off to a slow start 49ers are the early favorites to win the division.  1
 5. Cowboys Fetti 3-0 Fetti finally has his Cowboys, and 3-0 shows how appreciative he is to be home. The Vegas Native  has 1 game lead in a revamped division.  7
 6. Titans Weevo 3-0 The Titans have won 2 games on the road proving they can win in any environment. Division leader season in a row.  2
 7. Chargers Double R 3-0 The Chargers like Wu Tang ain’t nothing to F with 110 points in 3 games.  6
 8. Jets Brian James 3-0 Just trying to get a seat at the table.  12
 9. Panthers Austin Louden 2-1 Panthers could be a sleeper team this year. The talent is there add consistency and they may be a problem.  10
 10. Bills Slick  2-1 New face in the league quickly making waves. A week 4 victory and the Bills will have the division lead.
 11. Falcons Btown


2-1 The Falcons time hour glass game plan makes him hard to beat. Time of possession is every thing in Atlanta.
 12 Raiders Its me MArio 2-1 The Raiders are the most trash talking team in the league, and as of right now they seem to be backing it up.  A  solid team in one of the best divisions. In great position  early.
 13. Redskins Trey 2-1 The Redskins are under new management and have already made leaps Trey may be what the revamped NFC east needs to restore prominence.  137 points in 3 games is crazy , making the Redskins top 5 in offense to start the season off.
 14. Eagles Camp 2-1 The Eagles are a team to watch. If they can get defense under control they be able to transcend.
 15. Bengals Shard  2-1 163 points in 3 games make the Bengals are force in the league. People often forget Shard was in the season 1 Super Bowl .
 16. Browns Andres Acosta


 1-2 Off to a slow start. Things must turn around fast in Cleveland or it will be a long season.
 17. Seahawks Chris Postell 1-2 An unexpected start for the Seahawks. Poor Qb play may be cause, High expectations may be to much for the young  man.
 18. Jaguars All eyes on me  1-2 Jaguars struggle early. Happens every season and some how they find away into the playoffs.
 19 Texans Lethal  1-2 Texans have a lot of work to do. 1-2 record is really not as bad as it looks still early the must keep fighting
 20. Bucs Mr Libre 1-2 The Bucs have scored 59 points and allowed 81 in 3 games. Defense adjustments must be made.


Sumpster  1-2 New addition to the AFC East. The Patriots seem to be highly competitive but need to make more stops in order to win games.
 22. Rams Midas Clutch 1-2 Rams are a team that will make a huge impact moving forward.  —
 23. Dolphins JAc Town sticks 79  1-2 Miami has a nice scheme just have to make adjustments to personnel.
 24. Dolphins The Chi made me 1-2 Lions are in a hell division with the Bears and Vikings. If they want to compete they have to put in the lab time.
 25 Broncos BigRod 1-2 New to the Madden Underground PS4 pro league still making the adjustment.
 26. Colts Tithe of CPT 1-2 The Colts have a lot of work to do , the good thing all but 1 team has the same record in that division.
 27. Bears J Douglas 0-3 Big Disappointment !!! The Bears were in the hunt last season, they need to turn this thing around fast.
 28. Giants Mr Mal 0-3 Searching for answers..
 29. Cardinals Big Rob 0-3 What is going on here ?
 30 Packers Beyermac  0-3 Packers have to keep fighting  it only takes 1 win to turn things around.
 31. Steelers Shuttem Down 412 0-3 Allowing 156 points in 3 games. Defense should be the focus.
 32. Saints Wesley SNypz 0-3 Dumpster Fire !


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