Week 11 is upon the  Madden Underground Fantasy League . A few team remains unbeaten. Check out the Rankings below.

RankTeamUserRecordNewsPrevious Rank
1.Cardinals Huncho11-0On Fire right now. Dominated VA Dimes and the favorite to come out the NFC.
2.DolphinsVa Assassin10-0Playing like the best in the AFC.
3.JaguarsWideRecevaWoody9-0The Jags have dominated all teams placed in front of them. May not have toughest schedule but easily wins the games they should.
4.BrownCjack 9-1Could potentially be the best in league if not for second guessing himself.
5.Chargers Fraizer 9-2The Chargers have been quietly winning games all season long expect big things from the chargers.
6.VikingsHen Griffey 9-2Vikings have found a winning formula. The question is can it be maintained with difficult schedule that awaits them in the up coming weeks. 13
7.Ravens Va Dimes8-2The once big dawg in the league has been in search of motivation to return to once immortal form. 10
8.Bears Berko 8-2Under the Radar. Having a great season and could easily come out of the NFC.
9.Packers SKUNK7-3The Packers have what may be the best run game in the league. Clearly fighting for a spot among the leagues elite.
10.LionsMccain Train5-2Lions have been great this year. Holding their own in one of the league toughest divisions.
11.Patriots MP6-4The Patriots got off to a hot start but seem to be cooling off as competition gets tougher.
12.GiantsTaylorMade6-4Leading the NFC East with a less than impressive start.
13.ColtsJhalll5-4Big city Dreams. still in the hunt to make playoffs.
14.49ersBo Sway5-5At one point in time the 9ers were undefeated.
15.SeahawksZilla5-5Not quite living up to early season expectation but still in the playoff race.
16.Titans Teambrianjames 5-5Not out of the playoff race trying to fight.
17.Eagles MF GOLFER5-5A sleeper has potential to sneak in playoffs.
18.Redskins Blaze 5-5Quietly moving up the ranks.
19BrocnosJuan nc4-6The Broncos are down but not out.
20.Panthers Datcarman 4-6Sadly the panthers are ahead in the NFC South.
21.Bengals Dangerous 4-6The Bengals still fighting.
22.Texans Certifiedmob7473-6-1Great roster. Just not meeting expectations.
23.Falcons MTV Famous3-7Terrible record but still has a chance to win division.
24.SaintsZilla2343-7NFC south is wide open keep fighting.
25CowboysJwoods2-8Waiting to see where he lands in the draft.
26. Bucs AirHead2-8Division is wide open. Keep fighting.
27Raiders Batman74ever2-8Looking forward to competing next season. While improving.
28.Jets Phillyguy2-8It seems as if the jets are planning for the future.
29.Steelers Blkman351-9Steelers record does not measure the heart they play with most respected player in the league for the effort.
30Rams Flappy71 1-9The Rams have been experiencing baptism by fire all year long. Sure to learn something from the experience.
31.ChiefsSmooth 0-10-1Yikes has the opportunity to play spoiler. Don’t be fooled by the record.
32.Bills Wesley Snypz0-10Improving each week.

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