The Madden Underground Pro League, is a Franchise Leagues Comprised of some of the  most competitive guys in the Madden Community.  With Ea Offering Thousand of dollars, we wanted to Create a Franchise League that provided a pro style game play experience. A League where week in and week out you never know what to expect.  Pushing the Franchise experience to it’s limits.

Console : PS4/All Madden/Comp Mode

Advance Schedule : Mon, Wed , Friday.

Registration Fee: 55.00

Team fee: based on tier below

Price per team (Based on Tier System)

Tier System

1 time fee covers all seasons

(Team Fee must be paid on day of Team draft)

Team Selection : Lottery (Registration Fee must be paid to participate)

  • Lottery Determines the draft order for selecting teams 1-32.

Development incentive

Tier 3 — 1 Development Upgrade for 1 player rated 70 overall and below-

Tier 4 — 1 Development Upgrade for 2 players rated 70 overall and below — 1 Offense and 1 Defense

All Upgrades caped at Superstar.

Prize Pool :

Super Bowl winner:  300 & Trophy

Runner up: 100 Dollars

Division winners: 20 Dollars

Player with most Super Bowl Win’s Will Win a personalized Championship ring.

(Pay outs are instant)

Dates to Remember

7/20–MUPL Draft Lottery LIVE Xbox & PS4. Determines the draft order for selecting teams 1-32.-Registration must be paid in full to participate.

8/11 MUPL Xbox & PS4 Team Draft – Team fee must be paid in full to secure team of choice.

8/18 MUPL Xbox & PS4 Connected Franchise Seasons Begin 

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