The MUPL is a Madden Underground Xbox 1 Premier League. One of the most active and competitive leagues out. Consisting of gamers looking to compete and prove they are some of the best players in the Madden Community. The MUPL has been running for over 10 years and has a great core group of guys.

Console : Xbox 1/All Madden/Comp Mode

Advance Schedule : Mon, Wed , Friday.

Registration Fee: 55.00 (Covers all seasons)

Team Selection : Lottery (Registration Fee must be paid to participate)

  • Lottery Determines the draft order for selecting teams 1-32.

Price per team (Based on Tier System)

Tier System

Tier 1–$50 ( Best Team in Division)-

Tier 2–$40 ( 2nd Best Team in Division)-

Tier 3–$30 ( 3rd Best Team in Division)-

Tier 4–$20 (4th Best Team in Division)

1 time fee covers all seasons

(Team Fee must be paid on day of Team Draft)

Development incentive

Tier 3 — 1 Development Upgrade for 1 player rated 70 overall and below-Tier 4 — 1 Development Upgrade for 2 players rated 70 overall and below — 1 Offense and 1 Defense

All Upgrades capped at Superstar.

Prize Pool :

Super Bowl winner:  300 & Trophy

Runner up: 100 Dollars

Division winners: 20 Dollars

Player with most Super Bowl Win’s Will Win a personalized Championship ring.

(Pay outs are instant)

Dates to Remember

7/20–MUPL Draft Lottery LIVE Xbox & PS4. Determines the draft order for selecting teams 1-32.-Registration must be paid in full to participate.

8/11 MUPL Xbox & PS4 Team Draft – Team fee must be paid in full to secure team of choice.

8/18 MUPL Xbox & PS4 Connected Franchise Seasons Begin

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