The NFL is all about opportunity and Seahawks rookie HB Thomas Rawls is taking advantage of every snap he gets. This past Sunday Rawls saw 30 carries for 209 yards rushing. He is quickly emerging as one of the leagues most dangerous ball carriers. That is exactly why he saw a +4 increase in his OVR rating this week.

Famous Jameis! Winston is quietly putting together one of the best seasons a rookie QB has had in the NFL. Another huge performance this past weekend is putting Winston in the driver’s seat for Rookie of the Year. This week he receives a +2 OVR.

Here are some other notable Madden NFL 16 Ratings changes:

Melvin Ingram +2 (82)
Cam Newton +1 (94)
Adam Vinatieri +1 (89)

Tyrod Taylor -1 (83)
Jay Cutler -1 (85)
Darrelle Revis – 1 (95)

Click here for the complete Madden NFL 16 Week 11 roster update.

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