Play the Moment :

  • A full game using this option should take 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Users can choose different feed styles for the plays that are simmed. “Quick” takes you to directly to the next user-controlled play, “normal” shows more play-by-play, and the third option is for real-time.
  • There are options to play offense or defense only.
  • The simmed plays will be geared toward a 120-play count in terms of tabulating stats, etc. This is regardless of the length of your quarters.

This replaces Gameprep even though it retains some of the same elements.

  • The computer analyzes what the upcoming opponent does and does not do well, and gives you a gameplan with drills to counter that.
  • Perform well in a gameplan drill (like cover 2, for instance) and your players will get a boost when you call cover 2 plays that week. Plays that are a part of that week’s gameplan will be highlighted during playcalling.
  • If you get a gold medal in a drill, you can sim that drill going forward and get the boost so you don’t have to repeat it.
  • There are situational gameplans such as working on your red zone defense.
  • You can practice a gameplan simply to boost players you want rather than scheme against an opponent.
  • There are more drills in skills trainer, and they will earn XP for all players at that position.
  • Free practice is still included.
  • You can choose three players to undergo focus training, which is not drills-based. The three you pick are saved and remembered from week to week. Even if you don’t use focus training, players will still earn XP.
  • Confidence is no longer a part of the weekly training. It’s now tied more to the team’s overall win/loss record. Individual gametime confidence modifiers still exist, but they’re not as big of a deal this year.
  • Drive goals are less granular and are more based on that player’s career or season milestones. However, drive goals’ context should be more appropriate this year.
  • Coaches’ XP packages are now tied to overall position groups (like offensive line) than specific positions (like guards, centers, etc.). Big-name coaches will start with fewer packages this year.

Practice Squads

  • Players are put onto the 10-man squad before the regular season.
  • Practice squad players develop through regular week-to-week training and can be chosen for focus training (see above).
  • They appear in your normal depth chart screen, and you can filter to see the practice squad of other teams.
  • Players eligible for the practice squad will be designated as such in the free agent screen.


Big Decision

 Players can be brought off of injury lists sooner than expected.

  • If you decide to play them early, they have a greater chance of being re-injured. If that happens they will be out for even longer.
  • Injuries are related to your practice squad in that a depleted roster could force you to sign from your or another team’s practice squad.


The Draft, Free Agency & The Offseason

  • Regression has been smoothed out so attributes drop more across the board instead of there being a large drop in one attribute. The team says the average drop should be a few points per attribute per season.
  • Player regression will surface in the CFM “Things to Do” main menu as well as an added “Progression History” tab onto players’ cards.
  • The trade and resigning logic has been retuned.
  • Free agency hasn’t been overhauled or reimagined, unfortunately, but it’s easier to access information like your depth chart during the process.
  • No fifth-year options, RFAs, or more extensive contract options.
  • More busts and gems have been added to the draft.
  • Players’ development trait is now dynamic, so if a player busts out and gets Rookie of the Year, for instance, their development trait will level up.

Presentation & Players

  • The in-game camera will highlight your coach, who is more active on the sideline.
  • More cameras, post-play cuts use more cameras, and the pylon cam has been added.
  • Presentation banners will call out your new rookies, free agents, and injured players on the field, and the commentary will mention them. For more on the game’s commentary, click here.
  • 170-plus heads have been scanned from actors with a range of diversity for use with created characters, coaches, and drafted players.
  • Madden 17 has a full player editor for commissioners. This includes contracts, attributes, traits, and much more. Any changes are noted on the franchise’s transaction log.
  • News from around the NFL and for draft prospects is now back in front of your CFM menu and not buried.

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