The first week of the NFL 2015 season featured a historic matchup between two rookie quarterbacks that were #1 and #2 picks overall in the last draft, Marcus Mariota of the Tennessee Titans and Jameis Winston of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Mariota had a record-setting day, becoming the first rookie ever to throw four touchdowns in the first half of his NFL premiere.  The 28-point winning margin was the largest for a rookie vs. rookie QB debut since the AFC-NFC merger in 1970. Mariota ended the day with a perfect passer rating of 158.3, and more touchdowns (four) than incompletions (three). Mariota gets +2 OVR (80), a big +5 to Awareness (65 AWR), +1 to Throw Accuracy Short (88 TAS), and +4 to Play Action (64 PAC).

Winston was harassed all day starting with his first toss, intercepted for a pick six. In all, he threw two interceptions and was sacked four times, ending the day at 48.5% completion with 210 yards and a 64.0 rating. Winston was missing star wide receiver Mike Evans and working behind two rookie offensive linemen, so things will get better for the young signal caller. This week, he earned -2 OVR (79), -3 Awareness (66), -1 Throw Accuracy Short and Mid (87 TAS and 74 TAM) with -1 on Throw on the Run (77 TOR).

“They got Chris rated higher than me on Madden? I’m angry. That’s my little brother, but we compete. We both want to be the best.” That’s Aqib Talib, talking about the Madden ratings for himself and Denver Broncos teammate Chris Harris Jr. Chris is still 94 OVR, but Aqib gets closer with +1 OVR to 91. He also gets +1 to PRC (88), Man Coverage (88), and Zone Coverage (91).

This week’s roster update includes changes to player ratings, depth charts, and injuries for all 32 teams.

Other notable Madden NFL 16 ratings updates include:


Tyrod Taylor, QB Buffalo Bills (+4 to 74 OVR)
James Jones, WR Green Bay Packers (+3 to 84 OVR)
Alex Smith, QB Kansas City Chiefs (+2 to 86 OVR)


Peyton Manning, QB Denver Broncos (-2 to 90 OVR)
Adrian Peterson, HB Minnesota Vikings (-2 to 93 OVR)
Kyle Long, RT Chicago Bears (-4 to 84 OVR)

Click here for the complete Madden NFL 16 Week 1 roster update.

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