Hey guys VA Assassin here

Man! What a great event this pass weekend in New Jersey! First and foremost I would like to thank Koach K for throwing this great event this past weekend. Everybody from around the area came out and tried to take a shot at the $3000 grand prize!  With a total of 42 people participating in the event , the O G’s even came back to participate in the tournament action. Veterans like Big Game James a Madden 10 Challenge Champion . The early on favorites to win the tournament were Joke, Moe, and Bilski. Everybody was place into 4 man Round Robins and two people with the best record would go to the playoffs. The intensity and focus was live in the atmosphere at this tournament. Players had tough round robins to get out of so they had to bring their A game! There were a lot of upsets and surprises during these round robins a lot of good players  didn’t make it  to the playoffs that you thought would. But there is always a second chance to make the best out of the opportunity  given.  Zack Lane aka Serious Moe made the most it! Moe was given life and opportunity to make the playoffs and took advantage of it having to play a play in game to break the 2-1 tie. But lets not forget the young boy named Bilski coming out to his first tournament and shocking everybody. But things got crazier when we enter the playoffs all the games were hell games you have to focus and needed a little bit of luck to make past this Hell Bracket! Eugene Brown aka Legend from VA who probably had one of the biggest upsets of the day beat Steve aka 6 All Day who was also one of the favorites to win the tournament and was looking tough all day! But Legend didn’t stop there he made it all the way to Final 8 until getting taken out by Moe. Now let’s go back to the young boy Bilski who was causing crazy havoc in the playoffs even beating Marc dog to make it to the Final 4. Now onto the Final 4 it was set  Moe vs Bilski and Lockdown vs Joke. To start Lockdown vs Joke game was crazy, Lockdown started the game with an interception giving him the early lead on Joke and kept the lead going into halftime up 7 and getting the ball. You would think Lockdown had the game all in his hands but Joke wasn’t having it he fought back in the 4th Quarter to tie the ball game. This is where things got interesting Lockdown has balled looking to drive and the end game but got stopped on third down he had tough decision to make on 4th down. To take his 3 or go for it and end the game well he decided he was going for the win cause he didn’t believe his kicker has the strength to make it. He hikes the ball…. looking… but couldn’t get anybody in time and was sacked. Joke takes over drives down into field goal range and takes his 3 to win the game to head the championship! Now let’s go the next Final which was Moe vs Bilski! Man was this game was intense it started off as defensive game but they started putting points on the board!  But the way Bilski was cappin on Moe you would think he was blowing him out. Moe caused Bilski to fumble about 3-4 times that Bilski couldn’t even believe that  he had to paused the game and check the sliders. Well Bilski had one more shot to win the game but Moe didn’t allow that to happen and won 23-15! Now to the Championship Moe vs Joke the early favorites to win the whole thing. First foremost you can not deny the fight and clutch Moe has to come back from adversary and to make it this far. This Championship was low scoring for two defensive minded players. Each getting a stop or to but only one could prevail out on top. Well that one person was no other than Serious Moe himself! Congratulations to Serious Moe for winning the tournament and still proving once again why he is one of the top players in the country . Also congrats to joke on a great run and taking home second place a $1000 prize money! Thank you for everybody that came out and hope you guys enjoyed yourselves  you all played great, its only the beginning of the Madden Season lets keep it going!



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