Boost your Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) today with a new #MaddenSeason Bonus player. To get this new bonus Item, just login to MUT from the mainMadden NFL 16 menu.

Your #MaddenSeason bonus player has an overall rating (OVR) of 80 to 85, so he’s sure to help your new MUT squad. Bonus Players have boosted OVRs that wear off after a few days, but they’re a great way to get started in MUT. You might even receive a special Rookie edition of an NFL Legend.

Be sure to check out your Objectives for new tasks designed just for your new #MaddenSeason Bonus Player. Try him out and earn some rewards!


Dez Bryant over early adversity in the NFL and is now one of the most prolific wide receivers in the game today. Log into Madden Ultimate Team this week and “Throw up the X!”

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