Week 2 in the DDMC 

Chargers 26 Bengals 31

Damobbgonegetu is making a name for himself in the DDMC putting points up in this game against Fatboibarkers chargers. Both qbs played well and took care of the ball(0 picks between the two). Hill had a monster run in the 1st to take a early lead in this one. But the Chargers came back on the next drive, took it down the field and scored on a pass to gordon(AKA TRUCKSTICK GORDON) to tie it up. This game was deep ball city and a very entertaining game to watch. 

Titans 24 Browns 7

Another great performance by Teambrianjames and his Titans taking out lilzave’s Browns in defensive bend but don’t break fashion. Only allowing 7 in the 2nd and shutting him out in the 2nd half. Titans go to 2-0 while Lilzave’s Browns fall to 0-2 in a tough Nfc north conference. 

Seahawks 39 Packers 28

IDC bounces back with a great road victory against a Green Bay squad that struggled with turnovers in this game. BKP simply didn’t take care of the ball(5int’s with Rogers) in this one. Kudos to Wilson having a manageable game and allowing the ball hawking defense to take over. Seattle is now 1-1 while Packers sitting at 0-2

49ers 26 Steelers 14

Not much to talk about for this one. Manwildcard simply turned the ball over too much with Big Ben(7ints). Just won’t win ball games doing that. 49ers improve to 2-0 while the steelers are down to 0-2 record. 

Patriots 27 Bills 51

So much for a slow comeback for Camren’s Bills. Defense was the name of this high scoring game as Preston Brown had a 3int day playing that MLB today for the bills. Jaimis had a monster day as well throwing for over 300 yards but still tallying up 5 int thrown. The BILLS put in work defensively today. The bills are now 1-1 along with the Pats at the same record of 1-1. #afcraceisreal

Dolphins 24 Jags 17

And coming from a afc east battle hashtag, here come the Dolphins. Jhall bounces back with a tough road win against Juicebox’s Jags. 2nd half defense for the phins helped put the nail in the Jags coffin this week. Dolphins are now 1-1 and close division race in the afc east. Jags are now sitting at 1-1 as well. 

Cowboys vs Eagles 

Game is awarded to the Away team due to network issues. 

Bucs 3 Saints 35

Steelersicon is in a rampage in week 2 and put the effort down in this matchup against Beast’s Bucs. After a good win in week 1, the saints rallied thru brees(9-19 314yds 4tds) and totally dominated on defense allowing beast to only score 3 pts in the 2nd quarter. 6 ints with Glennon surely didn’t help beast cause either. Saints are now 2-0 in the nfc south and standing on top after a division win while the Bucs are now 0-2 and need to get the ship back up after shipping out Jaimis Winston to Buffalo. 

Cardinals 21 Bears 27

Dr Mess took his cards to soldier field to get a W this week but no such luck against Zilla and his Bears. Decent game across the board with not a lot of turnovers(2 for each qb) but the Bears put up more yards in the air and had a big 14pt 2nd qtr to shut it down the rest of the game for the cards. Tough loss for the cards as they are now 0-2 and the Bears are now cruising to a 2-0 record. 

Falcons 7 Giants 31

As stated in the DDMC, ball control and security is key for a chance at winning. Coachsweat proved to be a bELIever in ELI. With a MVP type performance(12-19 247yds 4tds 0int) he simply got the ball where it needed to be. Dirteebird was trying all day to get Jones involved(6rec 97yds 0td) but simply wasn’t enough to hold down the Giants in this contest. GMEN has moved to a 2-0 record while the dirty birds are sitting at a filthy 0-2. 

Ravens 24 Warpath 28

This was a great game from start to finish. Lethal trying to pick up a W for the season but falls victim to warpaths Raiders picking up a go ahead TD in the 4th qtr. Carr was in trouble(15-35 297yds 3tds 5ints) but put it together where it counted. Lethal has been In a offensive slump but we are sure he will gather what’s necessary to win a football game soon. Lethal falls to 0-2 while warpath brings the record back to 1-1 and clearly in the hunt in the afc west. 

Jets 10 Colts 24

This game was very glitchy but it shows that the LUCK of the draw, can always play a factor in this game. Luck went 11-23 249yrd 3tds 1 pick and went into this game on a swagger mission. But as I said in the beginning, game was very glitchy so not much to talk here but great win against a very tough red rza.

Lions vs Vikings

Game was played 3 times due to connection. Vikings are winner by default. 

Chiefs vs Broncos

Sim win for Chiefs. 

Rams 3 Redskins 10

Low output by phillyguy offensively was the major cause of this loss for his Rams. RipTaylor had a solid defensive outing this game(allowing under 100 pass &I run yes) and only 3 pts in the 2nd qtr. Way to dial up the D RIP!!!!

Texans 52 Panthers

Simmed game CPU. 

Week 2 was quick and we are starting to see a pattern of solid players. Will they continue the success in week 3 or finally suffer the agony of defeat early? Time will tell my maddenites. 



Written by Coach Sweat

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