Word on the Streets Connected Franchise Commissioner’s now have the ability to reset confidence. This is not just regulated to the pre-season but regular season as well . I know a lot of CFM guys felt confidence should reset at the start of each new season and the commissioners now have this tool available to them in Madden16. According to Ea “The commissioner can boost all players on a given team to 50 at any point in time. It’s not limited to the preseason. Players with conf above 50 keep their current value. It’s like the other commish commands such as clearing cap penalties.” Dope right. So new members don’t have to start with 0 confidence after previous owners run teams into the ground.  EA also added “A new Game Prep activity has been added to the preseason, which allows teams to improve their low confidence before the season begins. We’ve also increased the amount of time each team has in Game Prep every week.”

CFM should be very interesting shout out to Shopmaster at on getting the inside scoop at Ea.

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