1.Colts – Division Favorite young talented qb in Andrew Luck , beast of a wr core,and

2.Cowboys- Fairly young team division favorite,Possibly the best oline in the league.Solid young defense

3.Vikings- Solid Qb in BridgeWater, Work horse in AP, Nice Oline, speed receivers and nice TE,and a solid front 7 with nice secondary.

4.Bills- Team full of Potential, Mobile quarter backs with strong arms, fast receivng core solid front 7 and Gilmore give the secondary an edge

5.Broncos- People think old when you think Broncos but out side of Manning and Ware this is a fairly young team. Young group of backs, big fast target in Thomas,
great front 7 and with a great secondary

6.Packers- Aaron Rodgers is a Super Bowl Caliber Qb, Lacy can handle the Work Load, good receivers, Defense need a little work but good enough to cause turnovers.

7.Jets -The Jets Defense is By far the best on paper right now. Your not running on that defense your not passing on that defense
defense. If you believe Defense wins games then this is the team for you. Don’t get me Wrong the offense is not that bad either
you have Big Target in Marshall, Riddley in the backfield the offense could be productive in the right hands.

8.Bengals- I fought tooth and nail to get this team higher because i feel they have a huge upside. The guys thought other wise
Landing the Bengals the number 8spot. Dalton is a winner not a Champion, but i feel with the the backs the have, AJ Green, and the
targets they have at tight end this team can put points on the board with the best of them if you don’t get your favorite team
in your CFM take the Bengals you can’t go wrong with them.

9.Chiefs- Chiefs come are 9 on our list because we felt that the don’t have a clear cut #1 receiver oline is suspect, but they do have
Jamal Charles and a solid Te. The front 7 of the Chiefs are pretty good with additions like Peters to the secondary they will be a defensive force
in any Connected Franchise could be a steal.

10.Rams- Let’s Just be honest Let’s just be real lol, The Rams are simply a fun team to play with, you got Todd Gurley Tre Mason, Tavon Austin, and the front 7 this team could have been ranked higher
easy, but we felt with the corner lacked depth and the receiving core needed a litter work, o and you have to play the Seahawks twice every season. All in all the Rams are a great young and fun team.

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