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The WCMPL Season 2 playoffs are set to kick off this weekend. The Playoffs separate the men from the boys. These guys have battled all season long  for a seat at the table now it’s time to show and prove. Below you will find the strengths and weakness of each player , and who we feel will come out of each game with a victory.


Game 1 : Va Assassin (Bills) vs Squeaky D Marc (Chargers )

Va Assassin  (Bills)

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Strength : Offense is his weapon of choice. Can Execute just about any offensive scheme being run in the Madden Community.  Assassins Passion for the the game is unmatched so every down counts with this guy. 

Weakness : Close games !!!!  If this game is remotely close count him out. History of cracking under pressure.



Squeaky D Marc  (Chargers)

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Strength: The Ability to adjust on the fly. Squeak is a former Champion in this league which means  knows how to win the big games.

Weakness : over confident at times.

Madden Underground Prediction : Va Assassin win’s by 21-17



Game 2 :Xman 4×4  (Cowboys) vs  MF Golfer (Falcons) 

MF Golfer  (Falcons)

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Strength : Air Attack  that  will confuse any defense.

Weakness : Never mixes up the run with the pass.



Xman  ( Cowboys)

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Strength : Well balanced attack on the ground and air. Solid Defense.

Weakness : Scheduling games have been a problem for x or he could have easily won his division.

Madden Underground Prediction : Xman to win by 7



Game 3  Ronald Farriot ( Dolphins ) vs Travis Cephus ( Colts)

Ronald Farriot  (Dolphins )

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Strength :  Aggressive play calling and solid defense. Secondary is amazing.

Weakness : At times becomes a creature of habit.



Travis Cephus ( Colts )

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Strength : Fast running backs and solid scheme on both sides of the ball.

Weakness : Missed a lot of kicks during the regular season.

Madden Underground Prediction : Colts win by 10



Game 4 : Wes Johnson  (Eagles) vs Philly Guy ( Eagles)



Philly Guy (Lions)

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Strength : Master of clock management. Can rock his opponent to sleep with slow pace gameplay.

Weakness :  Playing catch up, If Philly Guy falls behind early he is done point blank.



Wes Johnson (Eagles)

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Strength : User skills is second to none on the defensive side of the ball. Great run game.

Weakness  : Passing the ball.

Madden Underground Prediction : Wes Jonson by 3













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