Here are the Season 5 week 4 Power Rankings in the WCMPL Pro League . Ranking a updated every Monday morning, and will change as the season progresses. We have a few new faces in the top 10, the question is will these guys be able to maintain the newly found success.

Rank Team User Record News  Previous Rank
 1. Cowboys BKP11  3-0 BKP is on a Mission, Off to a great start after a poor performance in the Super Bowl Last Season. Favorite to win the NFC this season.
2. Dolphins Skunk 3-0 Dolphins are in search of Redemption this Season. After  missing the AFC Championship due to reason we can’t mention, Skunk has a lot to prove this season.
 3. Chiefs Va Dimes 3-0 Dimes is back and looking sharp as always. Chiefs are ready to make another run of it.
 4. Vikings Spaztoc Rooster 3-0 Vikings on pace to make another playoff run. If Rooster can keep a level head in crunch time he may be able to make noise this season.
 5. Bears Zilla  3-0 1 of 3 teams who were bottom tier teams last year have found them selves in the top 10.
 6. Bengals MuMaint 3-0 Another team that was left in exile the first 4 seasons making a change for the better.
 7. Panthers WPMV 3-0 Panthers are on top of the NFC South which is a huge change from Last year.
 8. Colts Jlcp  2-1 Kind of a Big Deal Indy for the first time ever the Colts are leading the dumpster fire of a division AFC south. Huge Turn around by JLCP.
 9. Ravens Strugglin 2-1 Ravens ……. Bengals are in first place in this division
 10. SeaHawks Blaze  2-1 Blaze has his priorities in order. Built a power house of a team and reaping the benefits.
 11. Packers Va Assassin 2-1 Assassin may have also been 3-0 if he hadn’t been cracking head at the MCC Ea  Challenger in Las Vegas.
 12. 49ers Too Much Stick 2-1 Finally a worthy user to return the 49ers to prominence 2-1 not a bad start for the rising 49ers.
 13. Falcons Frazier 2-1 Intern Coach in For MF Golfer doing a great job off to a 2-1 start.
 14. Chargers FatBoi


 2-1 This guy has become a driving force in the WCMPL. 2-1 start currently in second place in the division. The only team that may be a problem for the Chiefs
 15. Browns YouBuggin  2-1 Expect to see the Browns in the top 5 to 10 range as the season pregresses.
 16. Raiders Da Mobb  1-2 Building off of the win over the Jets still early.
 17. Cardinals JuanG 1-2 Added Veteran help to the Oline and Secondary to turn things around
 18. Redskins Dnice  1-2 Popped the Division Rival Eagles week 1. Redskins have been struggling as of late Maybe the can rally  a win this week against the Giants.
 19 Eagles Squeak  1-2 What the hell is Squeak doing at the bottom. Considering retirement as wins become harder to come by.
 20. Patriots Tdot 1-2 Making alot of changes hopefully the begin to translate into wins.


 21. Jaguars Thizzney


 1-2 AFC South is wide open not that much of a skill gap in this division. Jags have alot of foot
 22. Texans Lethal Jimmy 1-2 AFC South is so bad right now. Texans have the tools to turn things around.  —
 23.  Jets Batman  1-2 High Expectations but starting to look like the same old Jets
 24. Giants  BLACKx RICxFlair 1-2 Must win gave against the Redskins this week.
 25 Bucs Seeger  1-2 Bucs have a good chance at turning things around. It’s very early and personnel may be the difference.
 26. Rams Dr. Mess 1-2 Finding a scheme in a tough division can be hell.
 27. Steelers Tlew  0-3 Super Bowl Champs to Super Bowl Chumps. Things are not looking to good for the Steelers. T Lew has to figure out what’s wrong and stop the bleeding ASAP.
 28. Saints Farriot  0-3 Searching for answers
 29. Broncos Shock 0-3 Hard to say what’s going on in Denver. Could use one more Offensive Weapon
 30 Bills Lil Zave  0-3 Old habits die hard. Time for a scheme change.
 31. Lions Philly guy 0-3 A Case of a man losing himself while soul searching.
 32. Titans Brian


 0-3 Offense needs help. Only scoring 3 touch downs in 3 games.The Titans look trash.


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