The WCMPL CFM are officially in the playoffs. Titans @ The Chargers, Bills at the Colts, Falcons @ The Lions and Rams @ The Saints. All the competitors fought hard to get here and have no plans of going home check out the highlights below.

Titans Vs Chargers

Chargers Jumped out to a 10 nothing leader after forcing two turnovers. Seeger appeared to be hungry in his first time ever being division champ and making the playoffs huge mile stone for the San Diego Football Chargers.

Rams Vs Saints

The Rams made the playoffs with Lethal Jimmy as the coach. Lethal Jimmy has been in the WCMPL for years, but this is his first playoff showing. The Saints on the others hand have Bronco at the helm. Bronco is a proven veteran but this game could go down to the wire check out the highlights below.

Bills Vs Colts

The Colts have been hot all season long, a powerful air attack and solid defense. Dnice maybe one of the most consistent players in the WCMPL. Philly and the Bills just wanted a seat in the playoffs so he could prove he had the sauce.

Falcons vs Lions

This game will be forever remembered as the Detroit Shoot Out. Cal Bear and MF Golfer gave a classic performance, in a game that came down to the wire. Big play after Big play in this one check out the highlights leave a comment below.

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