Vegas Desert Showdown will start PROMPTLY at 12 pm on Saturday Nov.14. Doors open at 10 am. Early registration will close at 11:59 pm on 11/13 and late registration will close at 11:30 am sharp the day of the event to allow 30 minutes for bracket seeding. Bracket will be seeded according to player city and state as to not play someone from the same location in the first round. Byes will be added at random to the bracket to complete a bracket. Those players against a bye automatically move to the next round. If you are not here when your game is called you will forfeit that match and be put into losers bracket.

More information about Press Start Gaming Center and the event can be found on the Facebook event post here and website psglv.com

$5000 pot paying out top 4. $2500 pot bonus at 75 entrants paying out top 8.

Under 75 entrants:

1st             $2500

2nd            $1500
3rd and 4th $500

Over 75 entrants:

1st             $3000

2nd           $1700

3rd            $1200

4th            $700
5th and 6th $350
7th and 8th $200

$125 early registration,$150 at the door, with a $50 rebuy
$10 spectator fee

This event will be streamed live at twitch.tv/pressstartlv

  • 4 minute quarters
  • 5 minute quarters for winners finals, losers finals, and grand finals
  • No accel clock
  • All Madden
  • Lowest overall team is home
  • Holding penalties set to 0
  • Ballhawk and heat seeker on
  • In case of same team coin flip decides home
  • 10 minute cap to set audibles
  • 5 minutes to report for your match. Automatic lose for not being available when your match is called
  • Tournament will be set up as a double elimination bracket with losers bracket as an optional $50 rebuy at any time during the bracket except Grand Finals. Should you opt out of a rebuy your opponent gets an automatic win.

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