Monie33 and Jada215 are  #1 and 2 in the All Madden Bowl League. Monie33 and his Ravens are currently undefeated at 8-0 in the AFC North. Monie33 has 20 interceptions so far this season, averaging 5.0 yards a carry with Forsett on the ground and nearly 20 td passes in the air with Flacco. Monie33 is clearly ringing bells in the All Madden Bowl League only allowing 78 points in 8 games. Clearly a Dominant Force !!!!

Jada215 has the Cowboys rolling in the AMB currently 7-1 only losing to the division rival Eagles coached by Mr. Pheen. Jada 215 has be on quite a winning streak, throwing nearly 20 td’s with Romo and 743 yds on the ground with Joseph Randle. Jada 215 is showing the Madden Underground Community that the AMB has some ballers. Jada looks like the clear cut front runner represent the NfC in the Super Bowl but only time will tell.

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