It’s time to hit the Road again in Madden Ultimate Team. The Playoffs are coming and every team, every player is fighting for a seat on the bus. We commemorate this journey with one of the BIGGEST content drops of the year! Ride along with us as we take the Road to the Playoffs!

IMPORTANT: Program roll out will be staggered Tuesday – Friday of this week! Check back daily for Blog Updates!

Road Base Players Drop

NFL players have used the first half of the season to get better, stronger, more agile. The same can be said for Ultimate Team as we drop a ton of new Road to the Playoffs Gold and Elite base players in game!

Season Vets Updated

New Season Vets are being added to the Redemption Set. Take your talents to Seasons Mode to earn Seasons Pro Collectibles needed to add them to your squad.

Dual Style Solos

The popular DUAL STYLE Solo Challenges and Master Set have returned in Road to the Playoffs. Add ALL Dual Style Collectibles earned from style-driven Solo Challenges to earn a 94 overall Nick Mangold and a 94 overall Geno Atkins!

The path traveled is an experience, but more important is THE JOURNEY it takes to get there. Players, coaches and teams all go through a journey on their way to the ultimate prize! Your SECOND Journey will be filled with crazy last minute finishes and treacherous weather conditions! Endure the JOURNEY 2 and be rewarded with a 91 overall, rookie stand out Amari Cooper with Dual Styles!

Traffic Sets

Follow the signs to Road to the Playoff success! Add new RTTP Players and Road Sign Collectibles here in a variety of ways to earn awards ranging from the Road Master Collectible to a RTTP Pack to a 94 overall Signature Player! Signature Players will offer attribute boosts to all players who accompany them on the field!

Team MVPs

As the NFL Season wears on and players are grinding their way to the Playoffs, team leaders and team MVP’s emerge to lead their teams to potential greatness. We recognize those committed to taking their teams to the top! Add players, badges, a team Road Sign collectible and two Journey 2 collectibles to earn one of these dynamic new players!

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