Draft Champions has been a great addition to Madden NFL 16, but one thing that we heard when the game launched this year was that the players were hungry to be able to draft and play against their friends. In past years, we might have had to wait another year to put in a brand new feature like this, but one of the things we’re most proud of in Madden NFL 16 is how many great improvements we’ve been able to deliver throughout the year. And we’re very excited to deliver the ability to draft against your friends in time for the holidays!

You’ll start Draft Champions Play-A-Friend by drafting a new squad. From there, you’ll have the opportunity to play up to 5 games with that drafted team against members from your friends list.

After 5 games, the process will start over and you’ll need to draft another team. We also give you the ability to reset your team and re-draft once every 24-hours.

In addition to the arrival of Draft Champions Play-A-Friend, this Patch also includes some key stability fixes that improves a few known in-game crashes.

The Madden Team could not be more thrilled to deliver such a heavily requested feature from the community. We’re committed to continuing to improve your Madden experience.

Source: Easports.com

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