Root for your favorite team with Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) Coin Up. Win Solo Challenges to earn Coin rewards and special Team Choice and Bonus Choice Coin Up Collectible Items. Each week, there will be two full-game Solo Challenges (winning the first unlocks the second).

With these Collectibles, you can pick a team to support in the featured NFL game. Other Collectibles will describe achievements by one of the teams based on real life game stats.

There will be six Sets every week, and you can add your Team Choice Collectible to support your team. The other four are for “wild card” situations, where you’ll add a Bonus Choice Collectible to choose a prediction based on real life game stats.


When you make the right choices, you’ll be able to quicksell your Coin Up Collectibles for extra Coins on the following Monday. Get in the game and play MUT Coin Up right now!

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