Madden NFL 18 delivers a lot of fresh features and tweaks. That’s no different with Madden Ultimate Team. To start, let’s go over the format of MUT Champions. Your goal each week will be to qualify for the Weekend League. You can qualify to do that in a couple of different ways. The first is by winning a MUT Champions Knockout Tournament. To win a Knockout Tournament, you’ll have to win three games in a row, and you’ll only have eight total chances to do so. There are two separate Knockout Tournaments held each week. One runs through Monday and Tuesday, with the other during Wednesday and Thursday. So you’ll have a total of 16 possible chances to qualify via Knockout Tournaments each week.

The other way to qualify will be from playing H2H Seasons. The threshold likely start s out fairly low at the beginning of the year, and increase as times goes on. But you’ll only be required to complete a Season at a specific division to earn entry into Weekend League. For example, say we make the requirement Pro 2nd String, for launch. That means you only need to reach that Division, and finish your Season (it doesn’t matter if you don’t win any games or win the Super Bowl) prior to the Friday morning’s cutoff to earn your spot in that week’s Weekend League.

The Weekend League itself runs from Friday morning to Monday morning. In those 72 hours, you can play up to 25 games. The goal is simple. Win as many games as you can in that timeframe. The more games you win, the better the rewards you’ll earn.

Players participating in Weekend League earn coins after every game based on the result (1,000 coins per win; 500 coins for losing and playing past halftime). But the big rewards won’t be handed out until Wednesday as our security team does an audit to weed out any suspicious behavior. Those rewards are tied to how many wins and what tier you finished in. If you were one of the Top 100 players in all of Weekend League, you’ll earn the sweetest of the sweet.

Here’s a look at what the tiers and rewards for Weekend League will be when we launch Madden NFL 18.

These Weekend League packs are exclusive to participating in Weekend League. Each of those packs contain:

Bronze Tier WL Pack: 3x 65+ OVR Players and 1x 60+ OVR Player
Silver Tier 2 WL Pack: 3x 70+ OVR Players and 1x 65+ OVR Player and 1x 60+ OVR Player
Silver Tier 1 WL Pack: 3x 75+ OVR Players and 1x 70+ OVR Player and 2x 65+ OVR Players
Silver Tier 1 WL Plus Pack: 5x 75+ OVR Players and 1x 70+ OVR Player
Gold Tier 2 WL Pack: 1x 80+ OVR Player and 2x 75+ OVR Players and 3x 70+ OVR Players
Gold Tier 1 WL Pack: 1x 80+ OVR Player and 2x 75+ OVR Players and 4x 70+ OVR Players
Elite Tier WL Pack: Your choice of choosing one of three Elite Players, with one guaranteed to be 84 OVR or better

The Elite Tier WL Pack  is something new in Madden Ultimate Team this year, called a “Fantasy Pack.” This lets you open a pack and see everything inside. After seeing everything, you make the choice of which item you want to select. So, in the case of an Elite Tier WL Pack, you would see three players, all of which will be elite. You then choose one of those three players, and he’s now a part of your team. Fantasy Packs are a great addition to MUT, and you’ll see them sprinkled throughout the game.

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