Stumbled across this video of Lou Tillery on youtube and it brought back so many great memories. This was what some may call the Madden Golden Age. I can say I was lucky and take great pride in having experienced it. Had to be about 2001 or 2002. The Madden World Syndicate hosted the annual National Madden tourney in LA. This was a time with little to no online play, no twitch tv, or youtube videos. I remember hating that I missed the tournament the year before because I was like 13 and my mom wouldn’t let me fly to New Orleans. But this particular year the tourney was in Los Angeles my back yard. You can see a young version of me at the 2:40 mark in the video after losing in the elite 8 to Lou Tillery. They just don’t turn out for madden tourney’s like this any more. Back then it was more so a brother hood among elite players if the Madden Community could get back to this it may get back to being the great community it once was.

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