The Madden Underground Monthly Tournament is back . Davantae Ware February’s winner returns looking to Defend his Championship Title. Davantae is the #1 seed going in to the tournament and will have 39 guy out to get him.

Round  1  Recap

Chris Gregory Schulman's Profile Photo (Chris Schulman)

Tdot of the WCMPL was defeated by Chris Schulman 28-14  in what seemed to be a pretty good game early. Chris Schulman will go on  to face #1 seed  Davante Ware.

Biggmjames Watkins's Profile Photo(Big Game James Watkins)

Jeremy Breedlove was eliminated in his first Madden Underground Event by Big Game James Watkins of the GXFL 21-14. He moved on to face Nick Galante.


Steven Jones's Profile Photo (Steven Jones )

The hungry Steven Jones Defeated Balkino 66 14-3 advancing him. Steven is one of the guy always looking for a game in the community. He is set to face Draggg in the next round.

Jonathan JJ Puckett's Profile Photo ( Jonathan Puckett)

Jonathan Puckett Edged Carl Allen 28-25 advancing him to the next round. Awaiting him is Sebastian Wilson of the UMPL.

 ( Brandon Hardin)

Barndon Hardin Defeated Spayed of the WCMPL 21-11. Brandon moved  on to face Tyler Morley who finished 3rd in our last tournament .

 (Arpan Shah)

Arpan Shah of The Shiva League Defeated Adam Bell 13-6 in what turned out to be dog fight fueled by chew clock and and a power run game. Arpan Shah advanced to Face T sims of the WCMPL.

Matt McCarthy's Profile Photo (Matt Mccarthy )

Matt Mccarthy defeated Bruski 17-3. Mccarthy  came into the game with a bend but don’t break  scheme preventing Bruski from setting foot into the end zone.  Matt will move on to face Va Dimes of the WCMPL in the next round.


Stay tuned for the Round 2 Recap











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