Round 1 Recap

The Madden Underground King of the Hill tournament got off to a great start. 40 competitors all playing for various reasons cash, pride, and free entry into the Dallas Shut up and Ball Tournament. Madden Underground brought out ballers from various Madden crews, leagues, and communities.

The Tourney kicked off with a matchup between Bakari Pittman and Jason Hall. Jason Hall earned a lot of Pre Tourney attention with his heated exchanges with last year’s Champion Cris Havoc Brown. Hall claimed that he was the best madden player in the tourney and felt if he had participated in last year’s event Havoc would not have won.wpid-screenshot_2015-09-05-23-30-58.pngWith the winner of this game earning a chance to get a shot at Havoc it would be easy to look pass the poised and focused Bakari Pittman. Once the game kicked off, Bakari Pittman showed just how in over his head Hall was. Bakari defeated Hall in dominating fashion, only allowing 1 touchdown in a 28 to 7 victory.

The next match up was between old school baller, and ride or die Raider fan Oak Town and new Madden Underground gamer Caleb Messinger. Messinger came into the tourney with an optimistic outlook on things prior to engaging Oak in gridiron combat. Oaktown was fired up to get things going with his Raiders. Defeating Messinger 24 to 7 Oak was able to head into round 2 with a lot of confidence.

Not too many people payed attention to the game between Christopher King and Willie McGee. Willie one of the newest members of the DDMC gave a stellar performance in a 17-14 win over Christopher King. Both players have solid schemes and game plans but Willie was fortunate enough to come out on top.

John Johnson locked in West Coast Legend Shock in round 1. Both players came in with solid game plans. Shock took the lead early hoping to control the game, but unfortunately John Johnson and his Steelers were able to rally back to get the 24 to 21 victory moving him into the next round.

GWest Wing entered his first Madden Underground Tournament, hoping to shock the world, but completing that task against veteran Reggie Brown ­­would be  tough to achieve. Gwest Wing and Reggie Brown had a hard fought battle but Reggie Brown was able to pull off the 10 -0 victory.

T Dot Versus Geoffrey Sweets aka ooogotem got ugly fast. Tdot was clearly in over his head in this game, having trouble adjusting to the heat. Geoffrey Sweets was back on offense every 3 downs it seemed. Sweets ended up winning the game 31-0 ending Tdot’s tournament experience in the first round.

The Jordan Thompson vs Kevin Jones match up was one that we all were looking forward to. Kevin Jones being part of the Madden All Stars came into the tourney as one of the guys to keep an eye on, Jordan Thompson also came into the tournament with quite a buzz people deeming him as one of the favorites to win it all. Jordan Thompson got right to it smacking Kevin Jones 24 to 7.

Bdub Locked in With Zack Lane in one of the most anticipated match ups of the first round. Zack Lane seemed to be all business defeating bdub 31 to 3.

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