Madden Underground Xbox Pro League

The MUPL is a Madden Underground Xbox 1 Premier League. One of the most active and competitive leagues out. Consisting of gamers looking to compete and prove they are some of the best players in the Madden Community.

Madden 21 Registration opens on  August 14th 2020

Console: Xbox 1/Competitive

Advance Schedule: Mon, Wed , Friday.

Registration Fee: 50 dollars  Plus Team fee

( Registration Secures your spot in the League, team fee is to be paid upon selection of your team)

Team Selection : Lottery

( Player Names are randomly selected on stream to determine order teams are selected )

 Price per team (Based on Tier System)


-Tier 1–$50

-Tier 2–$40

-Tier 3–$30

-Tier 4–$20

Prize Pool:

Super Bowl winner:  300 & Trophy (each season of our 5 Seasons)

Runner up: 100 Dollars

Division winners: 20 Dollars

(Pay outs are instant)


Only administrators can add new users.

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