Mr. Double-Check Aaron Rodgers sees his rating fall in the latest update. In large part due to defenses finding the magic formula to slow down the Packers high powered passing offense. Teams are matching up against the Packers with aggressive man to man press coverage. This is giving Rodgers less time to make reads and defenses more time to apply pressure to him in the backfield. As a result, Rodgers got a -3 AWR (93) and -1 OVR (98).

Adrian Peterson continues to shine this season with his stellar 203 yard performance this past Sunday. Peterson is on pace to rush for over 1,500 yards this season and cement himself as one of the league’s best running backs once again. His performance netted him +3 OVR (92).

Here are some other notable Madden NFL 16 Ratings changes:

Zach Miller +2 (75)
Cam Newton +1 (93)
Alfred Morris +1 (80)

Peyton Manning -2 (86)
Eddie Lacy -2 (83)
Marshawn Lynch -1 (96)

Click here for the complete Ea  Madden NFL 16 Week 10 roster update.

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