Chris Goodman, widely recognized as “Assassin” in the Madden community, achieved a significant milestone by becoming the Season 1 Madden Underground Xbox Pro League champion during the Madden NFL 24 cycle. Throughout his Madden career, Assassin has consistently qualified for the MCS single elimination rounds, although he occasionally fell short of live events due to self-inflicted mistakes. Despite these setbacks, the Madden community has always respected his skills and not underestimated him.

In the Madden Underground playoffs, Assassin secured a spot as a 7th seed and proved that he only needed that opportunity to shine. He eliminated the 2nd seed, Berko of Windy City Madden, with a strong running game strategy. This victory paved the way for Assassin to face the number one seed, Huncho Hodges, a two-time Madden Underground league champion. In a remarkable performance, Assassin held Huncho Hodges’ 49ers scoreless, passionately asserting, “y’all gon respect me” during the live stream.

His journey continued as he faced Taylormade’s Buccaneers in a closely contested match. Assassin displayed his clutch abilities, notably forcing a critical fumble at the goal line that prevented the Buccaneers from taking the lead going into halftime. He quickly became a fan favorite and a must-watch player due to his ability to respond effectively to any challenge thrown at him.

The pinnacle of Assassin’s Madden Underground journey culminated in a matchup against wide receiver Woody and the Browns, the most elite player in the AFC who had only lost one game all season. Assassin’s strategic approach involved exploiting the interior of the defense and delivering a 100 percent completion rate. With this impressive performance, Chris Goodman solidified his place as the Madden Underground Xbox Pro League Season 1 champion, leaving a mark on Madden Underground history.

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