Madden NFL 15 launched with a nasty desync bug that was disconnecting players from one another in head-to-head games, particularly in Connected Franchise, and while a short-term solution has emerged that involves forcing players to use the same camera toggle settings, a proper fix is in the works.

Madden 15 developer Josh Looman dished out the news of an upcoming fix this past weekend, stating that a fix that won’t require players to sync up their camera toggle settings is in the works, albeit without a concrete release time.

the discovery of numerous game-disrupting bugs have emerged to drag down an otherwise solid entry in the franchise. Desync errors like the one Looman hopes will be corrected soon are of course the most prominent, and perhaps most important of the errors fans are receiving, as it prevents them from playing online franchise with friends with any level of consistency.

The “quick fix” of forcing all camera toggle options to ON for involved parties has generated some success on the desync front, however in doing so players lose access to the Strategy Pad method of play calling, which players were essentially forced into switching to a few years back. Now that players have become accustomed to the strategy pad method, it’s a further annoyance to have to re-learn all the old pre-play controls.

If EA can get the desync issues straightened out without losing functionality, however, then Madden 15 still stands to be one of the best entries in the franchise in recent memory, at least from a gameplay perspective, although it is certainly concerning that we are still talking about the desync issue over a month removed from release.

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