clutch players

We have listed 28 players with clutch trait as of right now below. They all seem to be older players which give you a reason to keep them around in CFM. Malcolm Butler’s ratings may not be the best but his Super Bowl game saving interception landed him a clutch trait in madden 16.


Tom Brady

Drew Brees

Ben Roethlisberger

Joe Flacco

Eli Manning

Andrew Luck

Tim Tebow

Jameis Winston

Running back

Marshawn Lynch

Adrian Peterson

Frank Gore

Tight end

Jimmy Graham

Antonio Gates

Wide receiver

Calvin Johnson

Anquan Boldin

Larry Fitzgerald

Andre Johnson

Steve Smith


Derrick Johnson

Clay Matthews

DeMarcus Ware


Darrelle Revis

Malcolm Butler


Eric Weddle

Charles Woodson


Justin Tucker

Adam Vinatieri

Matt Prater

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