EA Sports is seeking to expand the Madden NFL 16 skills trainer by focusing more on real world positions, responsibilities, and concepts.

New this year will be a base level of knowledge focusing on details about each player position on the field and their role of responsibility. After the player positions breakdown, you will then be taught run, pass, and defensive concepts how they are actually taught to players.

Of course, the new passing, catching, and coverage mechanics will be well covered in the skills trainer as well.

Another cool new addition will be a section within skills trainer which teachers players popular run concepts. In this section, the skills trainer will break down the most popular run concepts such as the inside zone, power, and trap plays. You will be taught where you should run based on how the play is evolving.

Also, Gauntlet Mode is making a return, with extra life challenges being introduced to try to give players an extra life to complete  a challenge. Less than 200 players completed all 40 levels of Gauntlet mode last year — so the team is looking to make that more possible this year.

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