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Welcome to the WCMPL Madden 18 League ! We are only interested in the most competitive and active players. Players who love to compete, and have an overwhelming passion for the game. Players who display the attributes we need to push this league forward. The WCMPL has an annual Lottery every year, in which all registered members  are randomly selected via Twitch to determine the order teams are selected. This Lottery will Take place on Sunday the 20th of August.  To Secure your spot please follow the instructions below. 

Step 1 : Fill out the Application below

Step 2 : Secure your Registration fee of 55 dollars for the entire Madden year by clicking here 

Step 3: Follow and Tune into twitch.tv/MaddenUnderground  on August 20th @ 2pm PDT  for  WCMPL Lottery.

Prize Pool

Superbowl Winner : 220 dollars, Trophy

Runner up 100 dollars

Additional rewards will be given out for the following

  • Twitter activity
  • Stream Activity
  • Tournament Participation
  • Community Participation
  • Madden Underground sharing

Rule : Click Here  (Subject to Change up on the Release of Madden 18.)


League Settings

6min qtr

All Madden

Good Luck and Good Fight !

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