VA Assassin was the Superbowl underdog against the AFC Champion, DNice. VA Assassin started the first half like it was his first time playing Madden 15. Giving Dnice a 3 touchdown lead, the Facebook posts granted him an early demise. But getting the ball back at half time gave VA Assassin a chance thought. An early motion glitch violation forced him to punt the ball away on a potential scoring drive, and it appeared that all was lost. Before leaving the party chat room, VA Assassin could hear the in game commentary of Brian James (WCMPL) and Phillyguy (WCMPL) preparing for the post game interview with DNice . VA could hear the laughter from the 2006 EA Challenge, he could hear the words of CurlyTop “There are no TOP ballers in Virginia!!!”. The easy thing to do would be to accidently “Lag out” the game especially when the pressure becomes unbearable. But VA Assassin decided that it was time to make history. On the series after the Rule infraction, VA Assassin stopped DNice from scoring, and drove down the field in less than 2 minutes. Down 10, he sacked DNice 3 straight times and got the ball back to cut the lead to 3 with another amazing drive that took even less time off the clock. With a 3 point lead and the ball, DNice looked poised to run chew clock and win the game. VA Assassin only had 2 timeouts remaining and needed a miracle to complete the comeback. And then it happened. The PLAY happened. After blitzing relentlessly, VA decided to call an 8 man zone. Anticipating blitz, DNice dropped back, read the coverage and threw underneath to his receiver for a sure first down and Superbowl victory. In the blink of an eye, the inside middle linebacker intercepted the pass and returned it for a defensive touchdown. In that moment, DNice’s Superbowl dream came crashing to an end. DNice was so stunned, that he forgot to turn off the chew clock feature, and cost himself 40 seconds of game time to mount a comeback. And when the clock finally struck zero and the confetti rained down on the New York Football Giants, VA Assassin calmly and with class congratulated DNice on an instant WCMPL classic. And so, after a decade old promise to himself and the state of Virginia, VA Assassin boldly entered the WCMPL post game interview and said “Now ya’ll can call me the Comeback Kid, VA got BALLERS!!!!”.

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