Here are the Season 5 Pre Season Power Rankings in the WCMPL Pro League . Wes Johnson lands the #1 spot after defeating Va Dimes in the Super Bowl. Check out how the rest of the league ranks below.

Rank Team User Record News  Previous Rank
 1. Eagles Wes Johnson  0-0 Super Bowl Champs, One of the most confident players league has every right moving forward talk that talk Wes the #1 spot is rightfully yours. Wes has already deemed the league as his own since dethroning Va Dimes as WCMPL Royalty.
2. Jets Va Dimes 0-0 Va Dimes has collected the most money from hands down.  After blowing a lead in the biggest game of the season , Dimes is ready to get back on the field to prove Wes and his eagles are 1 hit wonders. Vengeance will be the theme of the season 5 for the JETS.
 3. Chargers Squeak 0-0 When it comes to WCMPL greats Squeak has to make the list. This guy has made run every Madden year. Chargers were one game away. Expect Squeak to be back in hunt this upcoming season.
 4. Lions Philly 0-0 Surprise Mutha ***** . Philly Guy and the Lions were the last team the league expected to make it to  the NFC Championship.  Finishing the regular season with a record of 6-10. Philly Guy proved every one is 0-0 in the post season. With a much improved division and taste of the post season expect Philly Guy to be more focused than ever.
 5. Giants Bgard  0-0 1 & Done ….. Entered the Playoffs with an almost perfect record, but was bounced in the divisional round of the playoffs. Devastating finish for the team the was favorite to win it all. Devastating blow to the Madden pride of such an elite player expect Brian Gardner to run the table this season.
 6. Falcons MF Golfer 0-0  Falcons had a rather swell season, entered the playoffs as the number 2 seed in the NFC. Unfortunately they weren’t able to defeat the 6-10 Lions in the divisional round. Golfer has one of the most prolific passing attacks in the league enters season 5 as the favorite to win his division.
 7. Jaguars Thizzney Land 0-0 One of the most consistent players in the AFC. Ended Season 4 with a top 10 finish. Thizz was also winner of the tough AFC south. Thizzney and his jags were defeated by the Chargers in a hard fought game. The Jags have  making a lot of moves this off season to prepare for season 5.
 8. Bengals Dangerous  0-0 Dangerous proved to be just that, knocking the Steelers out of contention to earn a playoff spot. Dangerous also he defeated Va Assassin Bills in a wild card match up, only to be defeated in the divisional round by Va Dimes and his New York Jets. Favorite to win the NFC North with the Andes Acosta leaving the division.
 9. Cardinals Shift God Cole 0-0 Cole had a great regular season, coasted in his division to the playoffs. Cole landed #3 seed in the playoffs, unfortunately Wes and his Eagles landed the #6 seed. The Shift God was bounced in the wild card round. Cole enters season 5 Ranked #9, his division counter parts are ranked 16,26, and 27 safe to say he will be on cruise control right back to another division title.
 10. Titans Brian James 0-0 The Titans Rallied late to land a wild card playoff spot. Brian James and his Titans were 1 and done in his efforts to advance to the divisional round of the playoffs.  The future looks promising for the Titans.
 11. Bills Va Assassin 0-0 Assassin has all the tools to be great, but the war with seems to leave him torn in the big games. The Bills were the only team to beat the AFC champs not once but twice. Assassin has been close to winning it all on so many occasions but seems to fall short every time.
 12. Redskins Ny Nucca 0-0 The Redskins had an interesting season to say the least. One of the more colorful members of the league. Ny Nucca made his playoff debut as the 5th seed, only to be bounced by  Philly guy and his 6-10 Lions.  5
 13. Texans Fatboi Barker 0-0 The Most slept on team in the AFC. The Texans had a winning record and could have made the playoffs in season 4. Barker is building a team to be a problem for most in the AFC expect big things from him in season 5.
 14. Buccaneers CJack 0-0 Chris Jackson I
 15. Saints TSims 0-0 The NFC South is on stand by waiting to see what the Saints bring to season 5. Another season of not making the playoffs is unacceptable.
 16. Seahawks Lethal 0-0 Lethal may have the best passing game offense in the league. With Multiple top draft picks this may be the Sea Hawks break out season.
 17. Patriots Tlew 0-0 The Patriots are in one of the toughest divisions. A complacent game plan will not do it in this division. Season 5 is a put up or shut season for the Patriots.
 18. Ravens Steven Flora  0-0 The Ravens have been slowly progressing each season. Steven Flora has had 2 off seasons to get his team prepared for battle this has to be the year.
 19 Cowboys Fetti mo  0-0 Fetti Mo inheriting the Cowboys just adds more competition to an already competitive division. The NFC East will equivalent to the WWE’s ” Royal Rumble” event who ever win’s this division will surely make the NFC championship game.
 20. Chiefs Skunks 0-0 The AFC west wasn’t very good out side of the Chargers. The Chiefs has the fire power to make a run this year. Some wonder if his sim league game plan will work in the WCMPL.
 21. Dolphins Chris Postell  0-0 AFC east fatigue. It can be draining playing Va Dimes and Assassin 2 times a season. The Dolphins vanished last season.
 22. Raiders Zave 0-0 The Raiders have one of the best rosters in the league. Season 5 will be a season of no excuses for the raiders.
 23. Packers Ty Mccain  0-0 Ty Mccain  is a new addition to the WCMPL. Off season moves makes his Packers look promising.
 24. Vikings Bronco 0-0 Bronco and his Vikings are having a great off season. After joining late last season he didn’t get a chance to show what he can do but expect him to give Philly Guy and his Lions a run in the NFC North.
 25 Bears Spaztic Rooster  0-0 Disappointing Season 4 for Spaztic Rooster and his Bears. Expectations had risen since the with his season 3 success, hopefully he can return to his competitive form.
 26. Rams Tay Millions 0-0 For the last 2 seasons Tay has just been an extra in the NFC West.
 27. 49ers Farriot 0-0 The 49ers had a pretty bad season, but they also had a pretty bad roster. Can Farriot turn things around in season 5 ?
 28. Broncos Dr Mess  0-0 Searching for answers. I will say there is no quit in these guys first to schedule game every week in spite of losing record. Respect !!!!
 29. Browns Zilla 0-0 Browns need to find the hunger and turn things around in Cleveland asap.
 30 Colts Calbear 0-0 He’s Back !!!!
 31. Steelers Strugglin 0-0 The prodigal son has returned. Strugglin steps in the AFC North looking return to his competitive self.
 32. Panthers Smooth 0-0 Smooth was beaten into submission by Lethal last season and resigned as Cowboys owner. He has re charged his batteries and ready to give it a go.


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